Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

If It Smells Like a Rat, Give it Cheese

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 14, 2008

Do you think Natalie would betray me? I doubt it. Don't you doubt it?

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Hello, good people, and welcome to the second to last episode of Survivor: Micronesia. Previously on Survivor: James had a boo-boo, hence James was med-evac'd from the game. That meant Erik was last man standing, hence he had to go. Erik won immunity; hence the ladies were screwed and targeted Amanda. Amanda was sent to Exile Island; hence she found the hidden idol. Amanda played a phenomenal acting game at Tribal, hence everyone but Parvati voted for her. She played the hidden idol, hence Alexis was the third player in a row to be blindsided out of Tribal Council. Promos for tonight show that Erik is going to be pulled in all directions by the remaining ladies. The question is, will the kid be able to handle the pressure and continue to win challenges? Or will he wilt under the scrutiny and be sent packing? Let's get to it!

We begin the show after Tribal as Amanda explains to Cirie that she didn't have the idol when she told them she didn't have it. Cirie is feeling pretty much on edge, with all the surprises. The next morning we join Erik and Natalie talking about Amanda being a huge threat in the final three. They agree that she should be the next to go. Erik tells us that he's pissed at how Amanda made him feel like such a fool at Tribal. He and Natalie decide that they need the hidden idol, so they make a deal to send each other to Exile if they have the opportunity. Erik tells us that he really doesn't trust anybody, but he needs to pick sides here soon. And cue the theme...


We come back from break to see Cirie, Parvati and Amanda talking final three. Amanda feels very sure about Cirie's loyalty and that they'll go to the final three. They decide that one way or another, they need to keep Erik and Natalie off Exile Island. Cirie comes up with the idea that Amanda should try to work on Erik to NOT send Natalie if he wins reward. She goes to talk to him and right off the bat makes a deal that if either of them wins reward, they should take the other. She says that they're the two strongest players left and they should team up. Amanda tells Erik that Parvati is the perfect person to send to Exile as she has no intention of looking for the new hidden idol. Erik tells us that now that he's winning challenges, he's got Amanda and Natalie all over him for his support.

Probst Sighting!! Today's challenge is a Survivor Trivia quiz. Not just this season, but all of the 16 seasons. First one to answer four questions correctly wins reward. Today's reward will be a helicopter ride to a luxury resort for a massage and meal and overnight stay. Also, the winner will send someone to Exile Island and yes...there is another hidden idol. Let's get started.

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