Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

If It Smells Like a Rat, Give it Cheese

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 14, 2008

Do you think Natalie would betray me? I doubt it. Don't you doubt it?

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And now it's time to play, "It's Anyone But Natalie." We come back from break and Erik is taking it easy while the girls gather to talk votes again. Cirie confirms for Natalie that she is likely to get the vote. They're all pissed about how he was scrambling the day before. Cirie says, "I wonder if he'd give Nat his necklace." They ask her if she can talk her into giving her the necklace. Cirie tells her to offer that if he gives her the necklace, he'd have redeemed himself and that she and Cirie would vote for Amanda. Natalie says she'll try it, but in her own words, "Who would fall for that? I feel stupid for even listening to you right now." She says that it's ridiculous but she'll try it. Cirie tells her to tell him the only way she'll vote Amanda is if she sees him protect Nat.

So, off Natalie goes to talk to Erik. She suggests to him that if he hands over the necklace, that he, Cirie and Natalie will vote for Amanda. He says he won't even consider that. He says that he doesn't see what the problem is of doing the same thing and he keeps the necklace. Natalie plays the "you don't have many jury votes and this could redeem you" card. Are you frickin' kidding me? Who could possibly fall for this load of shit? Erik says he needs to go talk to Cirie, which comes off more as a "get me out of this conversation" move than a strategic one. So off he goes to get Cirie's story.


Cirie tells him that she wants to see him give up the necklace. She says she doesn't trust him after the way he flew around the day before. She says she wants to see a sign from him that the plan is on. And if he hands over the necklace, that's a cue that the Amanda vote is on. She tells us that she thinks he's nibbling a little on it, but she's not feeling too confident. She sets one more act in motion with Amanda before they head out. She tells Amanda that if she and Parvati just blast him at Tribal and then Cirie and Natalie will not, it might be enough to push him over the edge to handing over the necklace. Erik comes up with the idea that he wants to change the vote to Parvati instead of Amanda. Natalie and Cirie agree as Cirie says that they have him on the hook. The question now is whether they'll be able to reel him in.

Tribal begins with Jeff asking about the Reward challenge. Erik tells Jeff that his taking Amanda was an offering of peace to help redeem himself with her. Jeff asks Parvati about her time on Exile. She says it was like a vacation for her. But when she came back, she heard about Erik running around making deals with everyone and then backing out of them...despite having immunity in his back pocket. Erik admits to what he was doing and that he was making a mistake. As he's saying that, Amanda lays into him all over again. That everything he's said to all of them is exactly the same and that no one believes him any more. Basically, Parvati and Amanda have the poor kid talking in circles. I half expect him to just get up and run out of Tribal crying. He is not handling this well at all. And I guarantee he's losing what little jury support he may have had.

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