Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

If It Smells Like a Rat, Give it Cheese

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 14, 2008

Do you think Natalie would betray me? I doubt it. Don't you doubt it?

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Back at Dabu Island, Erik and Amanda are returning to a very bitter camp. They don't even get greeted on the beach. They decide to downplay the reward. Cirie tells them to stop looking so pitiful; she knows the reward was fabulous. Natalie hasn't said a word or even looked at them. We next join Cirie coming to talk to Erik. He tells her that Natalie's pissed at him because he didn't take her with him or send her to Exile. And that if he wants to vote Amanda out, why did he take her? He says that no matter what he does, he's gonna piss off someone. Cirie asks him how he would do against Natalie or Amanda in the vote. He explains that he thinks maybe he, Parvati and Cirie should go to the final three. Of course, as he's telling her this, Natalie is standing right behind him the whole time. What a schmuck. Dude, you can't just sit in the middle of camp with a blind spot behind you and start talking about people. The beach ain't that big. So, this shifts Natalie's anger into overdrive. Think Denis Leary if he just watched the Red Sox lose to the Yankees in game seven and then realized he was out of smokes. Yep, she's that pissed.

We come back from break to see all the girls gathered around talking about Erik. As they discuss Erik's new plan for the final three, they decide he's the one to get rid of now. They laugh about how he's gone to each girl and made essentially the same deal. He sees them talking and he then tells us that he might have made a mistake. I'd say that you made a huge mistake, dude. He confirms everything with Amanda. She tells him he needs to pick a side pretty soon. He tells us that he knows no one trusts him and that immunity has become more important to him than ever. Speaking of which...


Probst sighting! We bring in Parvati from Exile Island and Jeff gets to the challenge. Today they will work to solve three puzzles. They will use coordinates to cross two ropes. Where those ropes intersect, if you dig into the sand, you'll find your puzzle pieces. Those pieces will make a puzzle showing you your next coordinates. Once you have dug up and assembled all three puzzles, you will win immunity and be guaranteed a spot in the final four. While I think he's kind of an idiot, I really want to see Erik win this one, just to see what the girls will do without their scapegoat vote.

They draw spots and Jeff begins the challenge. As everyone scatters with their ropes, Erik is the first to start digging. He comes up with pieces very quickly. Cirie is next up with her pieces. As she opens her bag, Amanda finds her pieces and Erik has solved the first puzzle. As he begins to dig, Cirie solves the puzzle and heads back out. Amanda solves her puzzle as Natalie finds her first set of pieces. Meanwhile, Erik is back to put together his second puzzle. As Erik begins to dig for his third set of pieces, Parvati finally finds her first set. Everyone else is still digging for their second. AT this point, Erik would have to be shot in the face to not win this challenge. A few seconds later, he completes the third puzzle and Erik wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final four.

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