Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

If It Smells Like a Rat, Give it Cheese

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 14, 2008

Do you think Natalie would betray me? I doubt it. Don't you doubt it?

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Question 1: On which season of Survivor did a castaway have a pet snake? Answer: Pearl Islands. Rupert had a snake named Balboa. Cirie and Erik get this one right.

Question 2: On which season of Survivor did a shark bite a castaway and then the castaway bit it back? Answer: Richard Hatch did it on All-Stars. Natalie and Amanda get this one right.

Question 3: In which season of Survivor did a tribemate ask another tribemate to pee on their hand after being stung by a sea urchin? Answer: Marquesas. John asked Kathy to pee on his hand. Erik is the only one to get this one right.

Question 4: During which season of Survivor was one of the castaways evacuated after falling into the fire? Answer: Australia. Mike Skupin passed out into the fire. Erik, Cirie and Parvati get it right. Erik now has three points, one away from victory.

Question 5: During which season of Survivor did they first divide the castaways into four separate tribes? Answer: Exile Island. Oddly enough, that was Cirie's season. Cirie, Natalie and Erik get this one right. Erik wins reward.


First up, Erik skips over Natalie and sends Parvati to Exile Island. And now, Jeff asks, who are you taking with you on reward? Again, he skips over Natalie and honors his word to Amanda and takes her with him. As Cirie chuckles at how well Amanda is playing him, Natalie is shooting daggers out of her eyes as they head back to camp.

As Natalie and Cirie get back to camp, Natalie's still bitching. She's pissed that Erik didn't take her or send her to Exile. She tells Cirie that if Erik really wants Amanda gone, he should have sent her to Exile. Cirie chimes in that Erik is a weasel and you have no idea where his loyalty lies. Cirie tells us that she's purposely egging Natalie on just to watch her get mad. She says the only pleasure she's gotten out of losing the reward challenge is to watch Natalie stress out.

We next join Erik and Amanda on their helicopter ride as they fly over their beach where Cirie and Natalie are waving to them. The helicopter ride looks quite breathtaking, actually. Erik tells us that he just wanted to relax on this reward and with Natalie there would have been no relaxation at all. We next join them as they're getting their massages. Erik is in heaven, as he's never had a massage before or been to a spa before. As they eat dinner, he tells Amanda how uncomfortable it is for him to be in the middle of all these women trying to pull him in all these different directions. He says he's never been in a position like this before and has no idea how to handle it.

We take a quick flash over to Exile Island, where Parvati is frantically...laying out. No searching for the idol. She's just chilling out being comfortable. She tells us the only reason she's there is to prevent Natalie and Erik from getting the idol. Her alliance has the numbers, so she's golden whether she has an idol or not.

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