Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

That's Baked, Barbecued, and Fried!

By Jim Van Nest

March 3, 2008

Ah! My cunning plans!

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Hello, good people, I've missed you!! After a crazy week last week, everything seems to be back in order and I'm ready to go for Week 4 of Survivor Fans vs. Favorites. I'd like to thank David and Kim for filling in for me last week. So, let's see, what did I miss? Cirie and Jonathan squared off, the Fans were still miserable, Joel and Mikey B are still going at it, somehow the Fans won immunity and even more amazing, Cirie managed to control the vote of the tribe even though she's not part of any alliance and Yau Man was sent packing before he could find another idol. Previews for tonight promised more arguing between Jonathan and Cirie and the discovery of the hidden idol. Oooooh, I can't wait.

We begin tonight on the day after Yau's ouster. Ami and Cirie are talking out in the open about why Ami voted for Cirie. She tells her point blank that she was with them until an hour before Tribal and Cirie didn't communicate what she was doing and because of that, Ami cast her vote in her direction. Cirie explains that she didn't trust Jonathan and Yau. Of course, Jonathan jumps in on that one. And the battle begins again. He tells us that the way she backed out of their alliance was more manipulative than anything he would do. Welllll...that might be a stretch, but we'll let him believe what he wants to believe. Cirie tells us how mad Jonathan is and she seems to be getting a kick out of it. And as we head to the credits, everything is pretty much out in the open. There's a rift between Cirie and Jonathan that is irreparable. The question now is who will win out. Cirie has the numbers, but I wouldn't count Penner out just yet. Cue the theme...


In case you'd forgotten, there is another tribe in this game. We haven't seen them for awhile, but let's check in with them now. As the Fans sit around the fire, the discussion turns to who they think the Favorites booted. Joel tells us that they're all pretty pleased to win immunity and this might be pretty good for them. Throw in that Bon Jovi just caught himself an eel and spirits are at an all time high for the Fans. Well, most of them. Natalie tells us that she's about done with Chet. He's not pulling his weight at all. Mikey B and Jason jump on the slam Chet bandwagon. Mikey tells us that Chet is a physical and mental liability and he's horrible for morale around camp. And with that, we hope you enjoyed our Fans coverage. We now send you back to the people you actually care about.

We check in with the Favs and Eliza is illin'. As in fever, shivers and just flat out sick. Naturally, this makes her the next target. We join James and Ozzy and they talk about how stupid they were to keep Eliza over Yau. James tells us that he just can't believe he let Cirie talk him into voting out Yau. We next join James and Ozzy still lamenting over the decision, but this time in front of the rest of the tribe. To which we hear Eliza, "I'm sitting right here." Like James cares about who hears what he says. We've already seen that he has the strategy of well...a gerbil. Eliza tries to state her case that she's not as sick as they think. She claims she'll be better in a challenge than Yau Man. As she mouths off about not getting any support, James is left to do nothing but laugh at her.

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