Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

That's Baked, Barbecued, and Fried!

By Jim Van Nest

March 3, 2008

Ah! My cunning plans!

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Because we can't get enough of them, we come back from break to the Favorites camp. Cirie is talking to the chickens, preparing them for the slaughter, I think. Eliza takes this time to make a play. She separates Parvati and tries to tell her that she will have her alliance to the end and she won't get the same from Jonathan. As they talk, Jonathan walks up behind them. As Jonathan tells us how painful it is to watch someone on the outside trying to get back on the inside, I can't help but think...Um, Jon...where do you think you are? You're on the short side of the numbers now, my friend. While Eliza might be scrambling today, it will likely be you tomorrow. So save your pity and start playing a smarter game. Parvati tells us that after all that, if they go to Tribal, Eliza will still be going home.

Another Probst sighting. And as they return, Jeff asks Ozzy about the idol. Ozzy says that he figured the clues would be all in the same place or something and that it was a lot harder than he thought it would be. I wonder if they all bought it. For this challenge, six tribe members will race to a six point sliding hub. You know, one of those rigs where all the poles are attached to each other, but they can slide back and forth? Well, they have a set of keys and each person has to find the key that unlocks their pole. Once all locks are opened, they have to navigate this rig through the jungle, which will prove to be difficult, I'm sure. As they do this, they have to grab six puzzle necklaces along the way. Once they get back with all six, the remaining two people will use those necklaces on the decoding wheel and will choose letters that will spell out a three-word phrase. Honestly, I don't understand the wheel thing; we'll just have to see how it goes. Tracy sits out for the Fans and here we go.


Chet and Kathy will be solving the puzzle for the Fans, Eliza and Cirie for the Favs. As each tribe gets to their rig, the Favorites start unlocking locks right away. The Fans on the other hand have a hard time getting their locks opened. As the Favorites finish the last lock and get on the course, the Fans still have three or four locks to get. I'm fairly certain that all of the Favorites have been on one of these rigs before, so they fly through the course. The Favs have four of the six necklaces before the Fans even get on the course. The Fans then get completely stuck while James pulls in the sixth necklace. Are you kidding me? These challenges are turning into a joke. The necklaces are given to Eliza and Cirie and I'm pretty sure they could have put this together blindfolded before the Fans would have gotten back. After a couple minutes, Eliza and Cirie spell out "TRIBE STAYS INTACT" and the Favorites win immunity.

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