Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

That's Baked, Barbecued, and Fried!

By Jim Van Nest

March 3, 2008

Ah! My cunning plans!

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Probst sighting!! Today's challenge is a heavy duty swimming challenge. Four tribe members will all swim out to a platform. Then, one at a time, they will dive down to a 30 foot long steel cage containing several coconuts. Some with letters, some without. Their job is to get the coconuts in their color, with letters from one end of the cage to the other and bring them back to their platform. There are ten each. When they have all ten of them, they swim them back to shore where the others will use the coconuts to spell out a word. First tribe to spell their word wins reward. Today, they're playing for chickens - three egg-laying hens and a rooster. Also, some chicken feed. And the winners will choose someone to go to Exile. The fans will be sitting out Chet today. Let's strategize and get started.

For the Favs, Ozzy, Ami, Parvati and Jonathan are the swimmers. For the Fans it's Jason, Mikey B, Natalie and Alexis. Are you surprised to see Ozzy there first? And once again, Bon Jovi gets his dream match up with Ozzy. As Jason makes his way down the cage, he opens a HUGE lead on Ozzy and brings his first coconut back, sending Mikey B out to the cage. Meanwhile, a check on Ozzy shows he's bringing not one but like five coconuts forward. Mikey B comes up with the second coconut, while Ozzy finally comes back with the first. Jonathan takes off and comes back in lightning time; Ami and Parvati do the same. As Alexis comes back with the third coconut, Ozzy and Jonathan come back with numbers five and six. As Ozzy goes down again, he gets the remaining coconuts to the end of the cage and this challenge is just about over. Only a complete brain fart by the Favs with the word will give the Fans a chance. As Ozzy comes up with number ten and the swim to shore begins, Jason comes up with the eighth coconut for the Fans. The Favs get all the coconuts and surprising everyone on the beach as well as everyone watching at home, James comes up with the word, "triumphant". Favorites win reward. As Parvati strokes James'...ego, they choose Kathy to go back to Exile Island. This time, though, she's being joined by Ozzy.


We come back from break to a dejected Fans tribe. Joel is totally bummed about losing all the rewards. Despite the loss, several other Fans are just in awe of Ozzy and what he does in challenges. Alexis is actually jealous of Kathy for getting to go to Exile with him. I could be wrong, but as long as the Fans would rather get the Favorites autographs, they don't stand a chance at this game. Eric tells us that the Favs are sending Kathy because they see that she's a weaker player. He guesses that she's not looking for the idol at all. Cue Exile...

As we get to Exile Island, there's more "Oh my God, I'm actually here with Ozzy." Kathy is enjoying how much she learns from the Favs she's meeting on Exile Island. She tells Ozzy that she doesn't care about the idol; she's been there and done that. So Ozzy tells her that he's gonna look for food, but goes off on an idol hunt. What took Kathy and Cirie hours to do a couple episodes ago, Ozzy accomplishes in no time. He tells us that he has such a big target on his back; he needs to find that idol. And find the idol, he has. As he tucks it in his hat, he begins his strategy of hiding it from Kathy and everyone else. He also steals a page from Yau Man's book and tries his best to create a fake idol to put in its place. He does his best to carve something out of wood, but honestly, it looked like a piece of wood that was carved with a machete. The beauty of it is that Kathy is completely oblivious to the fact that he's all about the idol and not food. He heads back to the hiding spot of the idol and puts his fake idol in the bag the real one came in and hopes that someone else finds it.

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