Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

That's Baked, Barbecued, and Fried!

By Jim Van Nest

March 3, 2008

Ah! My cunning plans!

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Mikey goes on to say that the tribe needs to vote out the weak and keep the tribe strong for challenges. Jeff then asks Eric the strength question to which Eric replies that it's not always about physical strength. Joel is nodding with Eric's comment. The two of them basically speak together about pure physical strength not always being what's called for in a challenge. Sometimes you need more. Jeff declares it time to vote. He calls on Jason who goes into a speech about how important it is to vote out the weak and keep the tribe strong. They've lost four of six challenges and they need to do better. Bottom line, Jason's right...they have to get rid of Chet is they want to have any chance in these challenges. The Favorites are pulling away in every facet of this game and they will continue to dominate, especially if the tribe dumps Mikey B over Chet. I can't imagine a worse vote at this juncture. And it is time to vote.

We see Jason's vote for Chet, "Please. Leave. The. Island." We then see Chet's vote for Mikey B telling him that he's been a loudmouth and never seems to learn. We then see Mike's vote for Chet with no comment. Let's tally the votes. First vote: Chet. Chet. Mikey B. Mikey B. Chet. Mikey B. Tied 3-3. As the rest come in Mikey B, the Fans have done the incredibly stupid and voted off one of the stronger members of their already weak tribe in Mikey B. Nice move Fans. You've practically guaranteed a Favorites sweep the rest of the way.


I think now is a VERY good time to mention that in keeping with my quest to get on Survivor, I'd like to request that everyone reading this article, please continue the email barrage to's feedback forum at this link: Feedback. How in the world can these people playing this game be such huge fans of the show, yet they make stupid move after stupid move? If I wasn't told they were such huge fans, I'd be thinking they've never watched the show. Tonight's vote may well have been the dumbest vote in Survivor history. The fact that Tracy's Hail Mary actually worked is simply amazing to me. And Joel may well go down as one of the biggest suckers in the history of the show. So please, for all of our sake, please email CBS with a link to this article. Say "no" to stupidity and "yes" to playing the game the way it's meant to be played. Thank you.

Next time on Survivor: "Drop your buffs." Are you frickin kidding me? Before the Fans can get burnt by their stupidity, it looks like the show's producers are gonna save them by mixing up the tribes. I have two big problems with this. The first is that the Fans should have to pay for what they've done. As it is, the Mikey B vote may prove to be a stroke of accidental genius. Second, now I'm gonna have to learn the names of the tribes, because I can't just call them Fans and Favorites anymore. *sigh* Also coming next week, a really tough physical challenge seems to have Joel and Chet paired up, hee hee. And Jonathan gets some sort of injury requiring an injection and causing Eliza to say, "Apparently, he could lose his leg." Uh oh. Sounds like it could be brutal. Until next week, take care.

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