Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 21, 2008

We don't really understand why you're gone either, buddy.

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Previously on Survivor, love was in the air. Ozzy put his tongue down Amanda's throat, Parvati crushed on James (that's okay, one of us does that as well) and Mikey B. started canoodling with a voluptuous Mary. Other Survivors saw all this hot and heavy action going on and got jealous, with plans being made on both tribes to break up the couples. A doofus named Chet decided that he couldn't swim, thereby dooming his team to defeat. And a roid-ragey Joel hated nearly everyone, but eventually saw things go the way he wanted – we think – as Mary was eliminated to the surprise of her paramour.

Also, our good friend Jim asked you to help him out. If you like his Survivor recaps, let CBS know at their Feedback Forum. Because seriously, how cool would it be to see our friend actually competing on Survivor, with the words "Survivor Analyst" underneath his name?

That's right, because Jim had prior plans this week, you are stuck with ghosts of Survivor past in Kim Hollis and David Mumpower for your Survivor recap fix. We think this Fans vs. Favorites thing promises to be a lot of fun...especially since Jonny Fairplay was eliminated in week one. Let's find out if Ozmanda and Jamevati are in any trouble this week – and how the surprise vote at last week's Tribal Council for the Fans impacts the group.


Night six begins at Airi, the camp of the "Fans". Paranoia rules the day as Mikey B. automatically assumes that "big guy" Joel is responsible for his girlfriend getting the boot. Needless to say, Mikey B. is a little pissed that Mary is gone. He claims that Joel has been playing the game all wrong, as now is the time to be playing a "short game" where you focus upon keeping your strong players and eliminating the weak. Mikey B. says to Joel, "If you want to make up for it, you can't." Amusingly, as we noted before, Joel didn't even vote for Mary, though he did head up the machinations that ultimately got her eliminated. Joel comments that he can't wait to see Mikey's face when he realizes the tribe isn't in his pocket; however, if he didn't have that face at the previous Tribal Council, it's never going to happen.

The aforementioned lovey-dovey foursome - we'll now call them Team Orgy - lures Eliza down to the beach so she can hang out with the young folks. She thinks it's going to be all candy and games and fun, but then she realizes that they want to talk to her and make her think and stuff. This is exactly why you shouldn't take candy from strangers. The question is whether Eliza will decide that she wants to hang out with the cool kids by targeting Yau Man, Jonathan and Cirie, or if she'll stick tight with her current alliance (which, by the way, is probably her best play). When Eliza goes back to chat with her actual alliance, she tells them that shenanigans are afoot with Team Orgy. Eventually, that group decides that Parvati is their first target, because she's skanky and weak.

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