Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 21, 2008

We don't really understand why you're gone either, buddy.

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The Fans are the first to experience discomfort, while James claims that he is having no trouble. Soon, though, it gets more even and we see both sides struggle. When Jonathan (who's been talking some trash the whole time, by the way) slips, the Favorites lose the challenge, giving Fans immunity. It looks like things just. Got. Interesting.

Kim's prediction is that Cirie is getting voted out tonight, so we'll now begin playing "It's Anyone But Cirie" back at the Favorite's camp. Jonathan and Yau Man discuss that Parvati will be the one they eliminate. Team Orgy initially decides on Yau Man, but soon seems to flip to wanting Eliza gone. As they attempt to discuss this with Cirie, Ami and Jonathan walk up, causing everyone to disperse.

As soon as they can get her alone, Jonathan, Yau Man and Ami attempt to convince Cirie that they really have her best interest in mind. She bluntly says that she believes Jonathan has a secret "thing" with Yau Man, so she's just not sure about the wisdom of going with this alliance. Jonathan tries to explain to her that he has a "thing" with all of his alliance members, while the rest of the alliance looks at her like, "Dumbass, you're ruining a good thing." In the end, we think she just doesn't like Yau Man and wants him gone.

Next, Jonathan schemes with Team Orgy to vote out Eliza, an idea Ozzy likes but the girls are less certain of. Still, they do manage to come to a consensus, but can't convince Cirie to change her vote to Yau Man. Jonathan is hoping that this rift in the group remains strong, as if there is a split in Team Orgy plus Eliza, there's a chance they can eliminate Parvati after all.

The argument continues at Tribal Council as Jonathan and Cirie argue like an old married couple. The contentious portion of the debate is whether Cirie was even in Jonathan's alliance. Her argument is that she feels like the fifth wheel. She believes she was the last one in, which means she will also be the first one out when they turn on each other. His argument seems to be that she just used them to gain information and never intended to stay in an alliance to the end with Yau Man as she sees him either as an enormous threat or she doesn't like him.


After this goes on for several more minutes, we come to realize that it's not Yau Man Cirie doesn't like. It's Jonathan. She can't trust him as far as she throws him, she says. Really, these two need to go ahead and have some sex and end the tension, fast.

In the end, we weren't even close in choosing Cirie as the next person voted out. She is instead in complete control of this game, and one of the competent returning players has been eliminated for no good reason save being a perceived threat. Cheer up, Yau Man. At least you got to bash Fairplay's head before you went home.

Looking forward, we're not really sure what Cirie was thinking here. If she is thinking that she was the third wheel with Jonathan, Yau Man and Co, we can't imagine how she's any better off with Team Orgy, particularly since there is sex and affection standing in her way. Plus, she's very annoying.

Next week, Jim will return to handle the recap. We had fun filling in. Have a great Survivor season!

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