Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 21, 2008

We don't really understand why you're gone either, buddy.

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Still, she openly and honestly approaches the female portion of Team Orgy. She comments that she would like to hang with them, but she's a little uncomfortable with their relationships. Parvati pretty much tells her that she realizes that she has no shot against James if it came to a final three, so she could be turned against him. "Really, Cirie. You should totally believe us. We're not just saying stuff to get you to vote how we want."

Of course, none of this goes unnoticed by Jonathan and Eliza. They worry that perhaps they *should* have been doing Cirie's laundry and carrying her around on a litter. The group comes to the decision that they will have to do something to reassure her that she's a vital member of their team, which probably isn't a bad idea since Cirie likes to be flattered.

At Exile Island, Ami isn't smart enough to suss out the clues that Kathy and Cirie uncovered last week, and Kathy is too tired to tell her that she already knows the answers. Since Kathy is fully aware that finding the next clues requires her to traipse back and forth from small island to small island, through the water, she really just wants to get settled in for the evening and hang out. Eventually, she convinces Ami that the tide is coming in and maybe they should call it a day. Given that Kathy's discomfort with a gay man was palpable in the season premiere, we can't wait to see how the star of Transamerica will behave with lesbian Ami alone on Exile Island.


It's really pouring down rain now, and the Survivor we learn next is Tarp Good. No Tarp Bad. Ozzy and other favorites gather under the tarp that they won during the Reward Challenge. He comments that he feels sorry for the poor Airai tribe. And he should. They're bemoaning the fact that they have no tarp, and trying to find ways to stay out of the torrential rainfall. One of them even seems to climb up under a rock. This person is Jason, and he says, "I hope no spiders get me." As if realizing that he perhaps didn't sound quite macho there, he continues..."Or scorpions or rats." Right, and don't forget the lions or tigers or bears. Oh my.

Hooray! Probst is back! Obviously, this means that it's time for an Immunity Challenge. The challenge involves a large net. It's a free throw shooting competition, except for the fact that you use coconuts instead of basketballs, and the net is 20 feet up in the air. Essentially, tribe members will be aiming to get so many coconuts in the opposing team's net that they can't hold the weight any more. Jason and Alexis score the first points, with Alexis using the granny free throw strategy. It's ugly, but it works. In fact, it immediately becomes the method of choice for the women of both teams.

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