Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 21, 2008

We don't really understand why you're gone either, buddy.

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Cirie, one of the most deliciously selfish players in the history of the game, hasn't changed a bit. She's playing both sides and relishing her schizophrenia. Dr. Jekyll is nothing but honest to anyone she trusts. Ms. Hyde proudly lies her ass off. The truth is that she hasn't really determined which of the two alliances is her best play. In the end, she'll evaluate and see which group will work to move her forward furthest in the game. Good ol' Cirie. All that matters is that other people do the work. She hates touching leaves, you know.

With the receipt of tree mail, the Sears Wish Book has arrived. Each tribe gets to select three items that they will be playing for in the reward challenge. We're not sure if Jeff Probst is in the catalog or not. Also in the mailbox is face paint, which amusingly leads to Joel looking like the Ultimate Warrior, who we already believed was his role model in life.

Hooray for Probst! We've missed you, pal. He explains that both tribes will start at opposite ends of the lagoon in the other tribe's end zone. The goal is to take three giant bags across the lagoon into the opponent's end zone. Favorites are playing for shelter, a lighting kit and a survival kit, while fans chose a fishing kit, shelter and a kitchen set.


By the time the challenge starts, it is pouring down rain. Through brute force, James forces two bags into the end zone quickly. Despite Joel's best efforts, one of his teammates is playing with her hair and another is tugging at her bikini. Nonetheless, they somehow manage to tie the score. One of the fans, Erik, steals a bag from the favorites and drags both it and Eliza into the end zone. He smacks her in the head with it for good measure. Next, he body slams Amanda over his head, which completely sends James over the edge. The anger works for him, and he gets a bag into the end zone. Soon, Amanda steals one and tosses it to James. It's 4-2. Jonathan gets involved in a big pile and steals a bag, running away clean to the end zone. Favorites win their chosen item.

Also, as you may remember, the winners get to choose a member of the Fans to go to Exile Island. They send the oddball Kathy there. Ami chooses to go for the purpose of finding immunity idol clues. The disgruntled Fans depart, while smiling Favorites take their loot and head home.

Upon returning to camp, Cirie starts to get contemplative about which alliance she should team with. In her opinion, neither side is worshiping at her feet enough to curry her favor. She thinks they ought to be washing her clothes, cooking her food and carrying her around. If she keeps this up, all that's going to happen is that she's going to get gone in a hurry.

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