Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

The Sounds of Jungle Love

By Jim Van Nest

February 18, 2008

She has nice...assets.

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Hello good people, and welcome back to your one stop shop for Survivor info, analysis and snark. Previously on Survivor: ten people learned that they were going to be playing their favorite game against some of their favorite former Survivors. Upon introduction we noticed that James was even frickin bigger, Amanda had put on some weight, Parvati was every bit as slutty as the first time, Jonathan still wears goofy hats, Yau Man is still short and Jonny Fairplay is still money. The favorites paired off, Ami and Jonathan schemed, someone named Kathy met her first gay person and her first implant, the Fans have a mountain named Joel on their team, they also have Leif Garrett and Jon Bon Jovi circa 1984, Jonny Fairplay finally lost his virginity and it made him so sad, he asked his tribe to send him home. Which they did. That sound you hear is Mark Burnett's tears that his sure thing ratings boost wussed out after only three days.

Well, today is Valentine's Day, so I guess it's only fitting that tonight's episode is rumored to be all about love. With two couples formed on the favorites tribe and some racy footage in the promos, tonight should be a night of firsts for Survivor. Also, we're promised a very physical challenge which should pit James against Joel in the Survivor battle of the decade. I guess we need to see if Ozzy can take his tongue out of Amanda's mouth long enough to show up for a challenge. If not, his love alliance could wind up in some trouble. Either way, we're sure to actually learn the names of some of the fans tonight, so that's something to look forward to. And without further ado, let's get right to Week 2 of Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites.


We begin the show at the Favorites camp after dumping Jonny Fairplay. Apparently on the way back, Ozzy barehanded a fish out of the water. So they dump Fairplay and have a nice meal. Jonathan is a bit disappointed in losing a main cog in his plan, but he feels that they're getting ready to go on a nice run and win almost any challenge. Cue the credits...

We come back to check in with the Fans. They're still trying to get organized. As they all try to over talk each other, we, the viewers, have no frickin idea what they're saying. Looks like the first order of business is to start a fire. They have a few close calls, but several hours and half the flint go by with no fire. Crazy Kathy, Chet and Tracy are complaining that they need to get a shelter and need to stop messing with the fire. We are quickly seeing a divide between the three older folks and the seven younger ones. As Kathy breaks down in tears for the 98th time in four days, the older folks decide to build their own shelter away from the rest of the group. Can't wait to see how that works for everyone.

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