Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

The Sounds of Jungle Love

By Jim Van Nest

February 18, 2008

She has nice...assets.

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We come back from break and Joel is talking to Erik and Alexis about his concerns over Mikey. He tells them that either Mikey needs to go or at the very least, he and Mary need to go. Erik agrees and thinks that this might be a good idea. He says that Mikey is too smart and this is a good plan. Joel has said that Mary should go; Erik asks why not Mikey? Joel feels like they may need Mikey in challenges, so Mary becomes the target of this new alliance. As Kathy gets dropped off, Joel goes to Chet and Tracy to see if they want to join with him and break up Mike and Mary.

As the rains come, Kathy asks what has been going on at camp. Joel tells her to vote Mary. Kathy goes to Chet and Tracy about this turn of events. They basically tell her to shut up and go with it. Tracy is not sure she can trust Joel, though. Mary tells us that Joel is talking to people, but she's pretty sure that they will be voting their weakest link off tonight. Joel feels that if his plan works tonight, he'll be running the show. But he is very worried that all his running around today may have put the target on his back.


And with that, we head to Tribal Council. Jeff starts by asking Kathy how she ended up with the idol. She says that Yau Man showed her where it was. He explains how this idol will work and then goes on to Chet about the challenge. He mentions that Chet was totally exhausted out there, to which Chet says he wasn't really. He was just spending too much time out there so he thought he should come back in. Jeff says that's much more credit than he would have given him. He asks what was going through his head, as he can feel the pressure. Chet says he would have liked for it to have been better but it didn't turn out that way. Mikey B jumps in to say what was so frustrating was that if he wasn't that strong of a swimmer, why wouldn't he have mentioned that and done the best thing for the team?

Jeff moves on to Tracy and asks about camp life. She mentions the divide between the age groups. He then asks Natalie if she sees people getting in groups. She mentions the two shelters thing, much to Jeff's surprise. He asks Alexis about that and she describes the groups in each shelter. This sends Jeff back to Chet asking if he's concerned that there are seven people in one shelter to his three. He says that it's all out of his control at this point, but he's concerned. Jeff asks Mary about alliances and she says she sees them starting to build but that she feels very comfortable with whom she chooses to be friends with. Jeff asks Joel how he bases his vote this early in the game. He actually doesn't answer the question but he does say that he doesn't know any of these people so he doesn't care if any of them go. He also says that he would not be surprised at all if they've gotten together to vote him off tonight. He also hints that you just never know who will be the one to be voted off at any time. And with that, it's time to vote. Kathy will be keeping her immunity.

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