Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

The Sounds of Jungle Love

By Jim Van Nest

February 18, 2008

She has nice...assets.

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Anyway, Jonathan says they're totally stupid for doing this with everyone else right there. As Cirie and Jonathan talk, they both discuss that this foursome needs to be broken up. Cirie tells us that her first priority is to bust them up. She and Jonathan make a deal to work together and bust up that alliance. And with the numbers firmly in hand, they prepare for today's challenge.

Probst sighting!!! The Fans applaud at the announcement that Fairplay was voted out first. Wow, this is an immunity challenge. Each tribe will select five swimmers, three puzzle makers and one key master. On his go, one person at a time will cross a string of "lily pads" and then swim out to a platform where they'll climb up and grab a club. They'll use the club to jump off the platform and smash a ceramic plate which holds a bag with a key. As they hit the water they have to get their key and swim back to shore. Once they have all five keys, the key master will use them to unlock five locks to a box that contains several brick puzzle pieces. When put together, the pieces form a map of Micronesia. The three puzzle makers will put the puzzle together. First tribe done wins immunity. They're also playing for reward. Fishing gear. I could be wrong, but even with his late night activity; I still think Ozzy was aroused at the sight of the fishing gear. But wait, there's more. The winning tribe will get to select someone from the losing tribe to go to Exile Island. And there's one more twist that will be revealed after the challenge. Worth playing for? The Fans sit out Kathy in this challenge. Survivors ready?


Coming into this game, Jason has compared himself to Ozzy quite a bit. Probst has said how much he idolizes Ozzy's strength in challenges. And it's fitting that this challenge starts off with Ozzy vs. Jason. Go!! And within five seconds, Ozzy has left Jason in his dust. By the time Jason reaches the surface with his key, Ami is on her way out into the water. Alexis comes up next for the fans and pretty much keeps up the pace. The favorites are well in the lead. Amanda takes off next for the Favorites and Chet heads out for the Fans. Amanda blows Chet away and furthers the Favorites lead. As Parvati head out onto the course, Chet still cannot find his key. As it turns out, Chet cannot dive down deep enough to get it. As Parvati heads back with the fourth key, Joel is yelling at Chet to just get out of the water. Jonathan takes off next for the Favorites and I have to say, he was man possessed on this challenge. Like, he could have given Ozzy a run for his money here. Wouldn't have figured that. As Mikey B makes his way onto the course, Jonathan is having trouble finding his key. Eric heads out for key number four as Jonathan finally finds the fifth Favorite key. James takes the five keys and starts unlocking the locks as Erik comes back with key four. Jason heads back out to get Chet's key for the Fans. The Favorites are working on their puzzle long before Jason gets back with the 5th key. Cirie, Eliza and Yau Man make quick work of the puzzle and with ease; the Favorites win immunity and reward. In an odd move, the Favorites choose Crazy Kathy to go to Exile Island. The twist, though, is that the winning tribe has to choose someone from their own tribe to join her. After a discussion, Cirie volunteers to go. As they head out, the Favorites gather up their gear and everyone heads back to camp.

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