Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

The Sounds of Jungle Love

By Jim Van Nest

February 18, 2008

She has nice...assets.

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We come back with Kathy and Cirie as they get to Exile Island. Kathy is very excited to be there with her. And the super duper Survivor fan gets mixed up when telling Cirie how much she liked her on the, um...well...her season. They find the first clue for the hidden immunity idol. And it appears that this year's hidden idol is a scavenger hunt. Cirie tells us that on a tribe with two strong alliances of four and herself, she really needs to find this idol. As they make their way across the ocean to another island, they find the second clue, which tells them to go back across the ocean to where they started. I'm mentioning real quick that the water between these islands is shallow enough to walk in, so they're walking back and forth, in waist deep water. So as they head back for clue three, they're both starting to tire. They find the third clue and you guessed it. Gotta go back across the ocean. The fourth clue is a little harder to find. When they do find it, it sends them back across the water again. Listening to Cirie describe the idol search is one of the funnier moments I remember on Survivor.

Before we go back to camp, I have to mention something about Cirie. This is her second time on the show. Neither time has she come with any strategy whatsoever. She's not very useful in challenges and she does next to nothing around camp. Anyone who reads my stuff should know that she is the exact type of Survivor player I cannot stand and feel is a huge waste of a slot that could have gone to me. That being said, Cirie is just so damned cute, I can't help but love her. I hope she last to the end again because she makes this show fun. Okey, enough of the love, let's get back to the scheming and planning for Tribal.


As the Airai tribe gets back, it's time to play, "It's anyone but Chet." Mikey is telling his group that Chet is the obvious boot. He tanked the challenge today, so he has to go. And right here is where the episode starts to get confusing. First off, I'll remind everyone that Kathy has an immunity idol from day one that she has to use tonight. She's also on Exile Island, where she might be finding another idol. So that sets Mikey into over-analyzation mode. He mentions that if she finds the second idol, she could give it to Chet and then the vote would bounce back on someone in their group, probably Jason. So, he devises this plan where he, Jason, Erik and Joel will vote for Chet and Alexis and Natalie and Mary will vote for Tracy, so that no matter who may or may not have an idol, the biggest number of votes will be on one of the three older folks. (Never mind that the other folks will vote together and force a 3-3 tie.) He's made this plan so convoluted that he's losing some of his alliance mates. Joel gets a little annoyed with the whole thing. He tells us that Mikey has come up with a plan and that he thinks he's totally in charge of what's going on. Also, he has Mary in his pocket. To Joel, that's a dangerous combination. Anyone who thinks he's in charge needs to have his alliance busted up. He plans to shake things up at Tribal already.

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