Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look

By Jim Van Nest

February 10, 2008

Hint: this is about to go very badly for Mr. Fairplay.

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We join a dejected Malakal tribe as they get back to camp. Jonathan tells us that the fans are so excited and enthusiastic and they had more heart out there. The tribe all gets together to discuss how much better they'll be because of this loss. Fairplay tells us that he can go either way right now and totally change up the game. He's not sure what to do. We join Fairplay and Parvati on a walk. He tells her about how much he misses his girlfriend and his little girl. He tells us in a teary confession that he just can't stop thinking about them. He tells Parvati that he's actually thought about asking to go. Parvati suggests that he should just fake like he wants to go, to distract the other alliance. The next thing we see is Fairplay and Ami on the beach. He's telling her that he's just not in the game. She asks him if she can talk him into staying and he tells her no. She then tells us and the rest of her alliance that she's concerned that he's playing them. As they prepare for Tribal Council, Ami is on her guard and fully expects Fairplay to start some trouble.

Jeff starts with Fairplay. He asks him how it went with all of them having experience. Jon answers honestly, "Cake." They have a great shelter, plenty of food. He says their problem was probably overconfidence. He then asks Eliza how reputations are factoring into the game. She says that no matter what people say now, what they've done in the past is well remembered. Probst goes back to Fairplay and asks him about his reputation being the worst of all. Jon says that he thinks everyone was a bit surprised by the real Jonny Fairplay and that he thinks for the most part they all trust him. He then goes on to talk about the baby on the way again and that all he can think about is whether he's being a crappy dad for even being there. Probst points out that he's not a dad yet. He says that's true but he's *this* close to being a dad. He says that what you hear is true, having a child changes you and he had no idea he would start to feel that way when he got here. He's as surprised as anyone. Jeff asks him if he wants to go home or is he just having a bad day. Jon says that he doesn't know, really. Last time he learned how to be an ass, maybe this time he's learning how to be a good dad.


Jeff moves to Yau Man and asks him why he's smiling. Yau says that his first reaction to this is, "What's the scheme?" He asks Ozzy if it's just a case of Fairplay not being able to hack it and it being much tougher than he remembered. Ozzy says definitely not. Jon interrupts telling Jeff he can say whatever he wants, but this isn't an act and that this wasn't supposed to be this hard. Probst moves on to Jonathan and asks him what he thinks. He says that he thinks he's asking the tribe to vote for him. Probst is still not buying it. He says the last time he saw him cry on this show it was about a dead grandma who was at home watching the show. He suggests that this is a quit. Jon quickly denies that it's a quit. He asks Eliza if it's a quit. She says no because she's still not 100% certain he's going home. And with that, it's time to vote.

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