Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look

By Jim Van Nest

February 10, 2008

Hint: this is about to go very badly for Mr. Fairplay.

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Hopefully you're ready to go, because a group of Americans are beginning the adventure of a lifetime, being forced to live in tribes, build shelter, find food and get along all while playing a grueling game. You know the drill. 36 days...20 Survivor!

The show begins as most Survivor seasons do. Jeff is in a helicopter flying over the beautiful islands of Micronesia while two groups of Survivors are being brought to a common island. Jeff lets us in on the first twist of the game. The "fans" don't realize that they're playing against ten former Survivors. They think it's a normal season like all the others. That should add a nice element to the game. So, we pick up the actual show as the fans land on the island with Jeff Probst waiting for them.


We hear a few people tell us how big of fans they are. And Jeff then introduces the favorites one by one. As they come out one by one, you can see the fans are just so excited to see these players. Especially Ozzy, who gets the early vote for biggest ovation. Oddly enough, Jonathan gets a big ovation too. James gets a huge round of applause and Joel (the mountain of a firefighter) is very excited to take him on. The biggest ovation of all, though, goes to the little old man, Yau Man. There's a lot of Yau Man love going on out there. Jeff stops for a second to acknowledge that there are ten fans and nine favorites. So he brings out the last member of the favorites tribe with a bit more fanfare. I'm sure you know by now, it's Jonny Fairplay. And right away we have the first two things to make me laugh out loud. First, Fairplay comes out in an almost exact replica of the outfit Probst is wearing. And as he struts toward his tribe, Jeff quips, "Jonny Fairplay, who already looks intoxicated." After a little tit for tat between Jon and Jeff, we get to tribal stuff. Fans will be called Airai and they'll be wearing orange. Favorites will be Malakal and wearing purple. He explains that across the water on the beach are a couple boats. Inside these boats is a map to their camp. Also on that beach are two immunity idols. One for each tribe. The person that finds them keeps them, but they have to use them at their tribe's first tribal council.

So everyone takes off into the water with the lanky Leif Garrett look-alike Erik in the lead. He's one that is really looking forward to taking on Ozzy. Erik actually beat Ozzy and he's feeling pretty stoked about that. However, when they get to the island, they can't find the idol. Of all people, Fairplay is the only one thinking. He determines the idol must be in plain sight and, sure enough, it's right on the front of the boat, so he grabs it. Unfortunately for him, he grabbed the fans' idol, not his own. As Yau Man sees where the idol is, it's a race between the two. They get there at the same time and as they get to the boat, they both fall down and Fairplay's head bounces off the front of the boat and Yau comes away with the idol. Of course, that leads Jon to complain that even he wouldn't tackle someone into the side of the boat. Meanwhile, the fans' idol is just laying on the beach and Yau points it out to Kathy, the golf course beer vendor, and she quickly snatches it up.

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