Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look

By Jim Van Nest

February 10, 2008

Hint: this is about to go very badly for Mr. Fairplay.

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Night falls at Malakal and we see another budding romance. Amanda and Ozzy are hanging out and she's telling him how he was one of her favorites. Eliza tells us that she already sees the bond between these two and she has also noticed that Parvati can't take her hands or eyes off James. She tells us that these possible show-mances make the four of them very dangerous.

As night falls on Airai, they have a makeshift shelter, but nothing too nice. The following scenes are just the storms rolling in and the tribe trying to stay warm and dry. Kathy tells us she's having a rough time with the weather. She's already in tears, on Night One. This lady is a piece of work. I can't imagine she'll make it through two votes.

We wake up with Malakal and Ozzy and Amanda are doing their cutesy thing. And James and Parvati are doing their cutesy thing. Meanwhile, the brains of this tribe, Jonathan, Yau Man, Ami and Eliza have determined that they need to stick together and while the others are playing the dating game, they have no idea that their fates just got sealed. Eliza tells us that while they have a tight alliance, they're very concerned about the sweetie foursome. As they discuss things, they decide to bring in a fifth. And who else would they want but Jonny Fairplay? While they're discussing this, Ozzy and Parvati have also approached Fairplay and they plan on booting out Eliza. Ozzy's a little worried about it, because Jon has his villain persona to live up to. Next thing we see is Fairplay telling the other crew that the two couples are a locked in alliance. He tells them that the plan is to dump Eliza. They begin to discuss who should go and they narrow it to Ozzy or Parvati.


Jonathan chimes in that Parvati has a way of manipulating people and the game in a way that Ozzy would never do, so she has to go. Jonathan tells us that he loves having Fairplay with him and he'd take him all the way to the end if he could. And in what could be the line of the night, Fairplay tells us, "I think it's insane that there are nine other of your favorite Survivors of all-time and they all believe what I say. Have you not watched this show before?"

Okay, I have to break from the recap for a second to point out that Fairplay is amazing. He's the most notorious player in the history of this game. He's a known liar and villain and he revels in that. Everyone knows they can't trust him. Naturally, he's the first target, right? No. Instead, Jonny Fairplay has the entire tribe (save Cirie) eating out of the palm of his hand. Everyone thinks he's with them and everyone believes he'll help them get the numbers. Are you kidding me? How did the most infamous player ever manage to put himself in the role of puppet master on frickin' Day Two?? How does this happen? Look, I hate Fairplay as much as the next guy, but you have to hand it to him. This early turn of events is nothing short of incredible.

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