Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look

By Jim Van Nest

February 10, 2008

Hint: this is about to go very badly for Mr. Fairplay.

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We come back from break and Fairplay suggests that Yau Man should see if he can start a fire with his glasses, so naturally, he gets right to work on it. With a drop of water on a lens to magnify the sun further, he looks to be ready to go. We join the rest of the tribe taking a dip. They get called in real quick, though, to get some wood because Yau Man gets the fire started. With a nice shelter, lots of food and a fire to boil and drink water, everything seems to be rolling the favorites' favor right now. Let's see how things are with the fans.

Tracy and Chet are on their way to check Tree Mail. They're complaining about having nothing so far and they could use something. Tree Mail consists of a puzzle wheel in three pieces. Mikey B just knows that the favorites are not looking at them as competitors. He's fine with that. He likes the underdog role.

Probst sighting!!! As the two tribes come in, Jeff asks them how it's going. Eliza tells him how they've got a great shelter, fire and full bellies and are ready to go. Fairplay chimes in that he thinks he's actually gaining weight out there. Jeff asks Joel if he believes any of that and he quickly answers no, but that it doesn't matter what they're doing, only who wins the challenges.


Let's get to describing this challenge. It's a long one, so bear with me. They'll start by putting together four puzzle wheels. Once assembled, they'll be put on a cart. This cart will be pushed through a series of obstacles until they get to a sandpit. Once at the pit, they'll dig out a stack of planks. These planks will be used to complete a bridge to push the carts over. Once over the bridge, they'll get to the final puzzle, where they'll need to disassemble their wheels and use the pieces to complete a turnstile puzzle. Once completed, they will turn the turnstile to raise up a fire wok to light the top of the platform. First tribe to do that wins immunity and flint for fire. Got all that? Good. Survivors ready?

The tribes take off and the Fans figure out the wheel puzzles in a flash. The Favorites are having a really hard time with it. As Joel takes off pulling the cart, the Favorites are struggling. Joel is a madman, he just destroys the obstacles. He has help, but Joel is just a one man wrecking crew. The favorites finally get their cart together and as James and Jonathan bring them back in it, they completely wipe out over a tree root and Eliza takes a pretty hard shot to her face. Meanwhile, the Fans are digging out the planks. As the favorites get to the sand pit, the Fans begin building their bridge. As the Favorites dig, Erik throws sand in the hole they're digging. (Very nice.) As Eliza checks her eye, the rest of the tribe is catching up on the bridge. The Fans make it to the turnstile first, but the favorites are right behind. Unfortunately for the Favs, it's just too little, too late as the Airai tribe of fans has won the first immunity challenge.

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