Survivor: China

A Slippery Little Sucker Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

December 19, 2007

Must not look at his package. Must not jeopardize alliance by gawking.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Part 2 of the Survivor: China finale. This column will be the finale of the BOP Survivor Recaps for this season. So you'd better soak in all the words and really savor them, because we're looking at several months before we're back in print. When we left off, Amanda had just decided to stick with her Day One alliance and sent Denise back to Lunch Lady Land. We're down to the final three with only the final Tribal Council left to determine a winner. Let's check back in and see how it all turns out.

All righty. We begin after Tribal Council. What should be a joyous time is totally brought down by Amanda's melancholy. Todd and Courtney are pumped to make it to the end. Amanda is upset because she says Todd called her out at Tribal Council. She tells us that she thinks Todd made her look bad in front of the jury. Todd tries to explain that he didn't mean it the way she took it. She tells him that she fully expects him to trash her at Tribal tomorrow, but everything will not just be ok. Again she tells us how terrible she feels about being in the finals with someone she thinks will stab her in the back at anytime. If only she knew that throughout this entire show, she is the only person Todd has been honest with and stayed true to.


The sun rises on Day 39 and everyone seems to be much happier. They head off to Tree Mail and find a celebratory basket of food, including pancake mix, bacon, eggs and fruit. Courtney tells us that she's amazed that she's made it this far. She goes on to say that she hopes that the fact that she has never wavered from her personality traits and has been herself from day one. As the final three set up the ceremonial burning, Todd tells us that he feels like he's really grown up a lot over the course of this show. He tells us he thinks he has an okay shot. He backstabbed all of them, but he's playing a game. And even if he doesn't win, he made the finals and is very proud of that. Amanda tells us that she thinks any one of them can win at this point. She plans on telling the truth about her game and how she played.

As they paddle to tribal, it's my opinion that this is a total toss-up between Todd and Amanda. Their answers tonight will go a long way to determine who wins. Courtney has no shot. She'll be seen as the non-threat that rode coattails to the end. Todd will be seen as the mastermind, but if everyone was paying attention, they should know that Amanda had quite a bit to do with the strategy of the main alliance. Unfortunately for her, she'll probably have to toot her own horn at Tribal tonight to sway enough people to her side of the fence. Todd will go in with the "I screwed you guys over, but it was all part of the game" strategy. We've seen that work for some people and we've seen it hurt others. No matter what, this should be a fun Tribal with Jean-Robert, Peih-Gee and Denise slated to provide most of the fireworks.

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