Survivor: China

A Slippery Little Sucker Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

December 19, 2007

Must not look at his package. Must not jeopardize alliance by gawking.

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Next time on Survivor: at the end of the reunion, Jeff showed a clip from next season's Survivor. In an unprecedented move, they are making Survivor 16: Fans Vs Favorites, Survivor Micronesia. We saw clips from several huge fans of the show that will be competing against favorite Survivors from the past. Rumors of contestants include James and Amanda from China, Yau Man from Fiji, Amy and Eliza from Vanuatu, Jonathan, Ozzy and Parvati from Cook Islands, Cirie from Panama and quite possibly the most despised Survivor ever, Jonny Fairplay from the Pearl Islands. Keep in mind these are all just rumors and that no previous Survivors have been confirmed. One thing that HAS been confirmed is that despite writing this stupid recap for several seasons now (both here and at another site), I was passed over for the fan section. I'm pretty sure I know why. They know I'd win this game and they want to make it more interesting to the viewers! Ha!! No matter what, it does sound like an interesting idea where a tribe of former players will square off against a tribe of huge fans of the show. Should be entertaining. As always thanks to anyone who's stuck with the recaps all these years and I look forward to getting back in the saddle again for Survivor: Micronesia Fans Vs Favorites. 'Til then, take care.

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