Survivor: China

A Slippery Little Sucker Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

December 19, 2007

Must not look at his package. Must not jeopardize alliance by gawking.

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Denise is up last and says that she's glad they can all look her in the eye. She says that she dedicates herself to being fair and honest. She says that they all said she was with them and then none of them wanted to be next to her in the finals because she would play the kid card. She says she honestly feels like if she had been in the final three, she would have won. So rather than ask a question she just takes some parting shots. She hits Amanda first by pointing out that for someone so against lying and deception, she lied to an awful lot of people. She says that Todd lied so much it was hard to know when he was telling the truth. She says that if Todd can do those things to people without even thinking about it, he needs to look inside himself to see why. To Courtney she says simply that she's an honest person and that she says what she means and means what she says and that she can respect that. And there it is the first definite Courtney vote. This could turn into quite a close vote. After the break, we're gonna get to the voting and to the winner.

As the jury votes, we see Jaime's vote for Todd. She says he did not have her vote coming into Tribal, but she was very impressed with his answers and he earned her vote. We then see Erik's vote for Amanda saying that he can relate to her struggles to play an honest game and that he thinks she played the best game. Next up is Denise's vote for Courtney saying that she always told her the truth and that she overcame the most odds to get there. We see no other votes but we do hear a snippet of Jean-Robert's comments, " just stole a million dollars. Well played." As Jeff heads off to "tally the votes" he comes back and says he knows they'd like him to read the votes tonight, "...and I'm going to, cause we are live in Hollywood for the reading of the votes." Man...What happened to the obnoxious over-the-top method of getting Jeff from Location to the Live Reunion? Oh well, let's get to the votes.


First vote: Denise's vote for Courtney. Second vote: Erik's vote for Amanda. Third vote: Jaime's vote for Todd. Next up is another Courtney vote. The final three votes all go to Todd and Todd Herzog is the winner of Survivor: China. Congratulations Todd! You most definitely deserved it. While Amanda was playing a brilliant game, the wheels completely fell off at Tribal Council. Had I been there, I'd have even voted for Courtney over Amanda. Her performance at Tribal was quite possibly the worst I've ever seen. Meanwhile, Todd had the single best performance at a Final Tribal Council I've ever seen. He nailed EVERY single question. Courtney was right up there with him as well. For someone who did very little in the game but vote with the popular kids, Courtney put on a fantastic display at Tribal and darn near stole the million from Todd. Overall, this was a pretty darn good edition of Survivor, with Todd writing another chapter in the "How to Play Survivor for Dummies" book!

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