Survivor: China

A Slippery Little Sucker Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

December 19, 2007

Must not look at his package. Must not jeopardize alliance by gawking.

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As always, Jeff allows the finalists the chance to make an opening statement. In order, here we go.

We begin with Amanda. She tells the jury that she had a chance to reflect and that she feels very blessed to be there. She says she came into the game with a strategy to align herself with someone right off and that person was Todd. She says as the game went on she planned to be with people she could compete against physically. Considering she won the last two immunities, she feels like she did that. She says she's not proud of everything she did in the game. She points out the James, Jean-Robert and Frosti votes as those times. She apologized for hurting any feelings and finished with the ole "I'm honored to have played this game with you."

Next up is Todd. He says he's stoked to be there. And then he thanks them for being where they are and helping him reach this point in the game. He says that he really hopes that out of tonight, everyone will be able to see the difference between the relationships he made on a personal level and the relationships in the game. He says that he lied and backstabbed a lot, but that the personal relationships he made were honest and real. But on the game level, he knew he wasn't the most physical but could be the most strategic. He concludes by saying that this has been a dream come true for him and he thanked them for being a part of a game that means the world to him.


And finally, we get to Courtney. She talks about not knowing about Survivor, having no strategy or no plan. She also says she expected to be voted out every single time. She says she survived a game that was totally physical at the beginning and as the game progressed she started to get her footing. She talked about winning an immunity challenge and that in the end whether they like her personally or not, they have to give a little credit to the little girl that no one expected to last longer than six days, yet here she is on Day 39 still in the game. Amazingly enough, as she's talking, some heads are nodding. Peih-Gee especially seem very intrigued by Courtney's words. Frosti, of course, is smiling and surprisingly even Jean-Robert is nodding as she finishes up. Maybe this is a three horse race after all.

Now, we're on to the jury and James is up first. He starts off by congratulating them. He also says he's not gonna be a Bitter Betty and his only question is asking for Courtney what was a really good time for her. She says that it was probably the first challenge when she set her pole in the slot and they were pronounced the winners and she realized she wouldn't be the first one voted off. Jeff asks James why that question and he says that he wanted it to start off fun because it might get rough in a little bit.

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