Survivor: China

A Slippery Little Sucker Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

December 19, 2007

Must not look at his package. Must not jeopardize alliance by gawking.

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That brings us to Erik. He wants to know what was their riskiest move in the game. Amanda says the decision to get rid of James was the one. She was afraid that Todd and James had a deal behind her back and that it would backfire on her. Erik comes back with the fact that getting rid of a guy holding two immunity idols doesn't sound like much of a risk to him, but more like a no-brainer. She says that had James played an idol she would have lost her alliance partner and would have had to start all over again. He asks nothing of Courtney and Todd.

That brings us to Frosti. He starts with Todd saying that he doesn't feel like he even knows Todd, with all the lying going on. So, why does Todd think he deserves a vote from Frosti? Todd says that his personal relations were different that the game relations. He said he brought Frosti in to earn his friendship and then put him on the jury. He says again that the friendship he built with him was real, but he did "do a big huge lie to my buddy Frosti. I'm sorry." On to Courtney. He says he assumed Amanda would lie and backstab, and he KNEW Todd would lie and backstab, but he was surprised that she would do it. And even more so that she didn't tell him it was coming when she promised she would. She says that when it came down, everyone was afraid that she wouldn't vote for him and that if she was seen taking him aside to talk to him it could be misconstrued. She says she could have told him and maybe made him feel better, but it wouldn't have changed the outcome. But she didn't go out and try to gain his friendship just to betray him.


Jaime's up next. And she's the one to play the "why shouldn't the other guy win" question. She asks Courtney why they shouldn't vote for Todd. She says airing Todd's dirty laundry is redundant as everyone knows what he did. As Jaime peppers her with questions insinuating that Courtney is saying to vote for Todd, she continues to not answer the question and frankly, I love that. I always hate this question and I always get a chuckle out of the finalist that refuses to play along with it. Frustrated she's not getting the monkey show she wanted, Jaime moves on to Todd. She asks him why Courtney doesn't deserve to win. He says she just went along with him all the way. When pressed, he says that she shouldn't get a vote to win because she didn't want to be there in the first place. When asked to clarify whether or not she deserves it, Todd simply says, "I think I deserve it more."

Jaime asks Amanda to talk crap on Courtney. She says she feels like Courtney was ungrateful and that she didn't feel like Courtney put her heart into anything there. As for Todd, she feels that if Todd played such a great strategic game, he shouldn't have had to lie as much as he did. Todd, dirt on Amanda? He simply says that yes he lied more. But he was okay doing the dirty work for the nice girl. He says that both of them played their games strategically, but he played his better. And before I move on to Denise, I'd just like to say that I HATE this question and I really hate it when asked in such a bitter tone by the first member of the jury. She hardly knows any of these three and of all the people, should have nothing personal against them. She knew when the tribes merged that she was target #1, so why the bitterness? I'm SO proud of Courtney for essentially telling her to screw herself with that question.

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