Survivor: China

Hello. I'm Still A Person

By Jim Van Nest

December 17, 2007

Try to forget that I was evil to Aaron.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Survivor Week, 2007!! Tonight we'll whittle down our remaining 5 players to the Final Four that we'll have to spend two hours with on Sunday. But before we get to that, previously on Survivor: loved ones made an appearance, Todd ISN'T Jonny Fairplay, Denise won reward and dissed PG, PG got even by winning immunity, Erik and PG targeted Todd, their plan failed and Erik moseyed on to Loser's Lodge. The previews for tonight show PG and Amanda bonding with Todd as a target. Generally, the previews try to mislead you, but at this point, anything can happen.

We begin tonight's show after Tribal. Denise tells us that she doesn't feel comfortable with her vote for Erik, but she decided to stay safe. Courtney is talking about how nice Erik is, but he wasn't nice enough that she wants to hand him a million bucks. Cue the theme.

Day 34 dawns and PG is the only one up. She tells us that she's not very well liked and that she's definitely on the outside. She gets to the Tree Mail box and the mail is wrapped around some arrows. The poem suggests that skill and popularity will come into play this time around. Todd tells how important rewards are at this point to help keep you going and that he REALLY hopes he's skilled and popular.


Probst sighting!!!! Okay, I've listened to Jeff explain the challenge twice. It makes no sense the way he says it. So, the basics are: everyone gets five arrows to shoot out of an ancient Chinese crossbow. They will go behind a screen and divvy up those arrows amongst the other four Survivors. Whatever arrows end up in a person's jug, they get to shoot at a target full of names. Whoever has the most targets with their names hit, wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? The winner will be flown by private jet to the Great Wall where they'll have a meal and spend the night. Sound good enough? I thought so. Let's move along. First up, everyone has to divvy up their arrows. When all the divvy-ing is done, PG gets one arrow from Courtney and...well, that's all. Denise gets two arrows, Amanda gets four arrows, Todd gets six arrows and Courtney comes in with 12 arrows. Least amount goes first.

PG fires and misses. Denise is next up and misses with the first shot and connects on her own name with her second shot. Amanda is up next. Her first and second shot hit Denise, giving her three points. She misses the board on her fourth. Todd's up next and connects with his own name on his first five shots. Very impressive shooting. His sixth shot falls short and Todd is in the lead 5-3 over Denise. PG and Amanda have zero. Courtney's up and her first shot misses. She connects on her second shot. On the third, she hits Denise. Next up is Amanda. A miss. Now a shot on Todd. Then a shot on Denise and it's 6-5 Todd over Denise. Amanda and Courtney each have one. Denise. Todd. Miss. Denise. To recap: Denise 7, Todd 7 and Courtney has one shot left. As if she was trying, she gives Denise her eighth point and the victory. Naturally, when Jeff tells her to pick one person, she picks Courtney. Then Jeff lets her pick one more person. PG starts chiming in about how she's gonna be on the jury and she took Denise on the Shaolin Temple reward. Denise is then heard telling Courtney that she's afraid of letting PG get fed and strengthened. After much deliberation, she chooses Todd. After the pick, Jeff asks PG why she's so down and she goes on about not getting taken on a reward after taking Denise and how she has to fight harder than anyone. Ya know I might feel for her if she hadn't been a complete jerk through most of the season. And then there's the whole "throwing the challenge thing." And in another example of why ya gotta love Probst. He asks Amanda about not getting to go and she says that it hurts, but what can you do? Probst, "Not much, cause I got nothing for ya." Heeeee!

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