Survivor: China

Hello. I'm Still A Person

By Jim Van Nest

December 17, 2007

Try to forget that I was evil to Aaron.

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We get to Tribal Council and Jeff begins with Denise. He asks her about having to pick two people and leave two behind. She says that she had to pick Courtney and she also took Todd. Jeff asks Courtney about the reward and she says it was odd because they didn't know what to do with the food. As PG rolls her eyes, Jeff asks her what's up. As she goes on about how she's so positive, James gets a good laugh over on the jury. She also talks about how it just bothered her how some people can be so negative while she has to fight for everything. Jeff then asks Amanda about having a chance to finally get to know PG. She says she definitely got a different perspective on PG and she really respects how she's made it this far. Next question is for Courtney and he asks her if she's looking to hang with people that deserve to be there or is she just looking for people that she can beat. I love her answer to this question. So much so that I'm going to quote it. "How can you look at anyone who's sat outside for 36 days and put up with all this insanity and say 'you don't deserve to be here'?" Very nice Courtney. Very nice indeed. He moves to PG and asks her if after tonight's vote will the remaining four people be the most deserving. Her answer is a little annoying to me. She says that she feels that someone who plays more honorably (like throwing challenges) and fights hard (like throwing challenges) is more deserving than someone who got there by cheating, lying and backstabbing. While her point might be valid, the fact that she seems to consider herself the former and the others the latter, after pulling what she did to Aaron, I just can't help but laugh through everything she says now. He asks Todd who he would take to the end. Todd says he feels like he pissed the most people off. He says people probably won't vote for him because they hate his guts. He says you have to look at everyone and think about who you can beat, instead of looking at someone who really deserves to be there and will probably kick your ass. And with that, it's time to vote.

We see Courtney vote for PG and PG vote for Todd. We hear no comments and it's time to tally the votes. So, did Denise switch it up? Or did she stay true to an alliance that she won't be able to crack? First vote is for PG. Second vote is for Todd. Third, fourth and fifth votes are for PG. I can only assume that Amanda got wind that Denise wasn't flipping and decided to stick with the group. And with that, PG becomes the 12th person voted out of Survivor: China. As much as PG became an underdog people were rooting for, from a strategic point of view, she was the most dangerous person out there and had to be removed right now. You may not like it, but the alliance did what they HAD to do.


Next time on Survivor: we're down to the Final Four. The Lunch Lady, The Long Shot (Courtney), The Schemer (Todd) and The Chameleon (Amanda). The most interesting thing in the promo is Todd saying that he feels like he's the only one thinking. Um, Todd...that's why you're gonna lose this game. Amanda's not only thinking and playing the game; she's playing a better game than you. And the fact that you think no one else is thinking...dude, when you dig that knife out of your back, Amanda's name is gonna be on the handle. Three Tribal Councils, two Full Hours, one Ultimate Survivor!! Til then, Take care!

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