Survivor: China

Hello. I'm Still A Person

By Jim Van Nest

December 17, 2007

Try to forget that I was evil to Aaron.

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When we come back to camp, we get an eyeful of Amanda's blurry ass. PG tells us that she got very frustrated not getting chosen for the reward. Plus she overheard Denise commenting on not wanting her to get stronger. If I may interrupt her rant for a second...I understand how she feels about not getting payback for taking Denise on a reward. However, stop revising history and acting like you took Denise because you wanted to. You took her as a strategic move to further yourself in the game. Denise has her eye on a million dollar prize and the last thing she wants to do is go up against the underdog in the finals. At this point, if PG makes the finals, she's a shoe-in to win. Everyone will appreciate how she beat the odds and survived. So, PG, I'm sorry that your feelings are hurt, but this is a game and Denise is in it to win it. If you can't understand probably shouldn't be out there. Amanda's also upset about not getting to go. She's feeling pretty left out as she was the one who was normally part of the winning group.

To kill some time, I guess, she hits PG point blank with, "Why do you dislike me so much?" She tells PG that she feels like she's always being attacked at Tribal and they never talked at camp. PG tells us that she really respects Amanda for bringing it to her like she did. As they talk it out, you can almost feel a bond forming. They head out into the woods and shake some fruit down off the trees for dinner. Speaking of dinner...


We join the others on their way to the Wall. Todd tells Denise that he's so happy she didn't give PG any strength. He says he feels bad for Amanda, but he knows she'll stay true to them. Besides, he says, will she align with PG and a bush to try to vote them off? As they arrive at the Great Wall, they are greeted by a gentleman who shows them a table and their beds. They all sit around the table and have a hard time figuring out how to eat. They have plates of raw meat and a volcano looking bowl of hot water that they have to put the meat into to cook it. As they stuff themselves to capacity, they discuss strategy. They're talking about how PG is going to be completely pissed off when they get back. Courtney tells us that taking Todd was good strategy as Amanda is less likely to stir up trouble at camp than Todd. To quote her, "An angry Todd is a bad Todd."

We come back to camp and join Amanda and PG out fishing. They bring in quite a few fish on their net and feel pretty good about bringing in such a bounty. As they fish and cook, again, you can feel the bond growing stronger. All I can think is that this is not looking good for Todd. As they eat, PG mentions that there's only enough rice for like two days. As night falls, Amanda tells PG what a puppet Denise is. She was a puppet of Jean-Robert and James and now she's a puppet of Todd and Amanda. PG suggests maybe getting rid of Denise or Todd on the next vote. Amanda admits that she's been up for a switch all along. As they discuss what a great day they've had, we switch back over to our reward folks.

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