Survivor: China

Hello. I'm Still A Person

By Jim Van Nest

December 17, 2007

Try to forget that I was evil to Aaron.

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They start off with the throwing stars. PG leads off and scores two total points. Denise is up next and scores a nice six points. Amanda throws third and scores three points, leaving PG in last place. Courtney squeezes out two points to tie PG. Todd finishes off and scores a measly one point and like that, he's done.

Stage Two is the balut and you can pretty much guess that Denise won't make it past this. As expected, she does not. Everyone else does and Amanda, Courtney and PG all move on to the next stage.

The bouncing ball/drum challenge is next and Amanda makes pretty quick work of it. PG's doing well, but midway through loses the ball and has to start all over again. Courtney loses it as well, so it's neck and neck between Courtney and PG. Amanda drops her ball in the bin and easily moves onto the finals. Courtney never does get it together and PG drops her ball in the bin to move into the finals against Amanda.


The final stage is the rope cutting stage and Amanda jumps out to a quick lead. Rather than try to keep anyone in suspense, she keeps that lead throughout the challenge and gets her puzzle put together first, pretty easily. Amanda wins immunity. Naturally, this sets up...

It's time to play, "It's anyone but PG." PG seems to think that Amanda might flip and save her neck one more time. Amanda is feeling pretty good with her guaranteed final four slot. She's also feeling like she has some power coming into this vote. As it becomes time to cook, Todd starts to complain about having no rice left. Amanda is totally annoyed with that and she takes Denise aside and suggests that Todd is the least trustworthy person there and it might be time to get rid of him. The odd thing about that is Amanda might be the only person that CAN trust Todd. We then join PG telling Denise how hard she's fought to be there and while she's correct, that's EXACTLY why she has to go. She's a guaranteed winner if she makes the finals. Denise seems to think she has a better shot at beating Todd in the finals. Amanda and Denise tell PG that neither one of them wants to see her go. PG tells them that she hopes they vote for Todd then.

We join Todd and Courtney talking and he's wondering if PG is trying to work anything to stay in the game. When Courtney says she hasn't heard anything, she mentions that that could be a sign that PG just isn't talking to THEM. Todd agrees and suggests that he might get blindsided tonight. He tells us that PG is being seen as a fighter and that's why she has to go as soon as possible. He also tells us that if they vote him off tonight, he'll be completely pissed off, but, "Big ups to them for figuring out a way to get rid of me."

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