Survivor: China

Hello. I'm Still A Person

By Jim Van Nest

December 17, 2007

Try to forget that I was evil to Aaron.

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Before bed, they're treated to an ice coffee. Over coffee, Todd asks what they want to do if PG wins immunity. He suggests that maybe they could band together and dump Amanda. He's suggesting that they probably can't beat Amanda in the end. Denise is just sitting back and listening and getting more and more nervous. She feels like she might be the one left out of their group.

As Todd, Courtney and Denise get back to camp, Amanda and PG are nowhere to be found. They search around a bit, but can't find them. Todd is concerned, of course. Especially considering how pissed they were when they went off to the reward. When they finally come back to camp, the talk turns to the Great Wall. As they talk about the food, they try to play down the quality and the reward in general. Amanda and PG are both annoyed that when they come back from a REWARD, Todd and Courtney can still find something to complain about. I could be wrong here, but it seemed more to me like they were trying to play down the coolness of the reward, knowing how upset Amanda and PG were about not going. I could be wrong about that, but that's how I took it. Bottom line, there wasn't much they could say about the reward that would have set well with the people that didn't get to go. There's just too much sour grapes this late in the show. Denise tells Amanda that they had made boiled meat sandwiches to bring back, but Todd ate them on the plane, so they only have some nuts and stuff to bring back for them. Amanda thanks her and Denise looks like she feels real bad, but what can she do? Todd decided to be a jerk and that's that. Amanda tells us that Denise seems to care about her where Todd does not. She tells Denise that she's got her back and that they'll talk later because she has some ideas.


The next morning, Todd and PG head to get Tree Mail and the clue suggests they'll have the "repeat of other challenges" challenge. Amanda tells us that PG is under the most pressure to win this time around, but Todd shouldn't be feeling too comfortable either. She's feeling a growing need to get rid of him.

Probst sighting!! As suggested, this is a challenge made up of other challenges from the rest of the show. Stage One is a throwing star stage. Each person will throw two stars. The person with the lowest score is out, everyone else moves on. Stage Two is an eating station. Each person will have to eat 1 balut (that's the partially formed chicken/egg thing). Last person to get it down is out, everyone else moves on. Stage Three is a "bounce the ball on a drum" challenge. First two to bounce one ball through the obstacle course and into the finishing bin move on to the finals. The Final Stage will see the last two chop through some ropes to release round puzzle pieces. Once all eight pieces are released, they'll need to complete a vertical puzzle with them. First one done with the puzzle wins immunity and a guaranteed one in four shot at a million bucks.

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