Survivor: China Recap

Ready to Bite the Apple

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2007

He must have already forgotten how badly he miscalculated.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to the BOP Survivor recap. We've only got four of these left for this season, so you better start savoring every word. Previously on Survivor: Frosti and Courtney canoodled, Todd freaked out, the cool kids won reward, PG blamed James, PG won immunity and it was Peace Out for Frosti. And oh, by the way, there's more business to attend to at Tribal Council. Let's find out what it is...

First things first - Jeff dismisses the jury. Once they're gone, Jeff tells the group that they will participate in an immediate reward challenge. The winner of this challenge will travel by private jet a couple hundred miles for a visit to the ancient Shaolin Temple. They'll enjoy a kung-fu demonstration, have a meal, spend the night and return the next day. Without seeing a thing, I can say that this is easily the coolest reward they're ever had on this show. I'd be pulling out all the stops on this one. I haven't looked it up, but I can't imagine many Westerners have had an opportunity to check out the Temple. Mark Burnett has truly outdone himself this time. Cue the credits.


The challenge is this; Jeff will ask a series of questions based on Chinese culture. Each correct answer gets a point. First one to five wins immunity. On the first question, Todd, James, PG and Denise get it right. Second question everyone gets right. For the third question, everyone but Denise got it right. After everyone but Amanda gets question four right, the scores are like this: Todd, James and PG with four. Denise, Courtney and Erik have three and Amanda has two. Fifth question and the only person to get it right is PG. Not to say this challenge was tailor made for her or anything, but she is Chinese and this was all about Chinese culture. Hmmm... So, PG wins reward and she gets to select two people to go with her. Naturally she chooses Erik. The second choice is...drum roll...Denise. Excellent choice, since Denise is (and I bet a lot of people didn't know this) studying for her black belt. Of all the folks in the cast, Denise and PG would be the ones to appreciate this reward the most, so I have to say that even though I don't like PG, I'm glad she got this one. Now, vote her ass off!!!!

Back at camp the next morning, the boat arrives and James is the only one up. He wakes everyone up and Denise tells us she's concerned about leaving with Erik and PG because things can change so much when people leave. She's very excited about the reward, but a little freaked about leaving. After they leave, the other four begin discussing that this is nothing more than a nine-day preview of the final four. James tells us how perfect things are going here and how they're in Eden and they just need to not bite the apple.

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