Survivor: China Recap

Ready to Bite the Apple

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2007

He must have already forgotten how badly he miscalculated.

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As the three eat dinner, PG is so very excited for all of this. Considering she hasn't won anything yet, she's probably the hungriest of them all. They're shown to their temple room where they get to sleep on a mat on the floor. DOH! They could have slept on the floor back at camp! Speaking of back at camp...

We come back to camp and it's pouring down rain. Everyone is huddled into a little bitty cave just praying for the rain to go away. As they wallow in their wetness, the boat brings Denise, PG and Erik back. Amanda is the only one to come out of the cave to greet them. Denise is a little taken aback by the fact that no one else comes out to welcome her back. PG goes straight to the cave to tell everyone all about the experience. As she goes on and on, Courtney tells us that she considers the cave to be her happy place and she gets really annoyed when everyone else comes in there. She was doubly annoyed listening to PG talk about the reward. We cut to Todd talking to Denise and telling her how excited they were for her to go. She tells him that PG was trying to make an alliance on the trip and that Todd is her target. This is all it takes to get Todd all riled up and consider PG public enemy #1. Erik goes to James to feel him out. He passes on PG's strategy. James says he's just trying to win the challenge and then he'll see what the "powers that be" say. Erik asks him about that and James points out the obvious. There's a group of five and a group of two. He says he's not gonna be the dummy that goes against those odds.


Day 30 dawns and James is the only one up. Surprise, surprise. As everyone slowly waits, Amanda grabs Courtney for a walk to Tree Mail. Tree Mail is stuck to the post with throwing stars. Hmm, looks like we have a ninja star contest. WOO HOO!! Amanda tells Courtney that she thinks they should get rid of James tonight. But to do it, he has to be blindsided. She explains to Courtney that they are just handing him a top three spot and basically handing him a million dollars. She tells us about him talking about not biting the apple; well she's ready to make the whole pie. What's going to be real interesting here is that Todd came up with this same idea six days ago and Amanda poo-poo'd it and they ended up voting out Jean-Robert. I'm curious to see how it goes now that Amanda is on board.

Probst sighting!! Today's challenge is a throwing star contest. Each person will get three stars to throw. There are little shadow men a few yards away. They are given point values of one, two and three points, with a tiny section worth five points. The challenge is real simple. Throw your stars, top 3three point getters move on to Round Two. Round Two is the same thing but with only one star. Survivors ready?

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