Survivor: China Recap

Ready to Bite the Apple

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2007

He must have already forgotten how badly he miscalculated.

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As Todd and James are discussing their little slice of heaven, Amanda is having reservations. She tells us that she's going along with the group, but she doesn't feel right going to the final three with any of them. She thinks this might be the right time to make a change. While we go to break, let me mention that she's absolutely right. James wants to keep the status quo, and why wouldn't he? He has two get out of jail free cards and if he makes it two more votes, he's guaranteed into the finals. Why WOULD he want to change anything up? Amanda's also right about this being the right time. The best times to change things up in this game are at nine and seven. Seven is the absolute best time, because there are less people to possibly screw it up. If ever there was a time to dump James or is the time. And I applaud Amanda for realizing it. The only question now is, will she have the guts and influence to pull it off?

We come back from break (by the way, National Treasure 2 is coming out soon...I mention it because I bet we may not see any more ads for it. *rolls eyes*) to join the reward three getting onto their private jet. And it's party time. Denise has let down the mullet, the champagne is flowing and they each have their very own bowl of nuts. They get to celebrate for about 15 seconds before PG starts hitting them over the head with her "We could change the game" ramblings. To her credit, though, this time she actually has a good point. She suggests that if they could get James to join them, they could ride it all the way to the end. Denise doesn't like it but she is also not completely closing the door to the possibility. She has a nice thing going, but seems to be open to something potentially nicer.


The interesting person to me is Erik. He doesn't respond; he just sits there looking cute. It's all he's done this season and it's working like a charm. There may not ever have been a smoother player in this game. Erik has somehow remained in the game while having no alliance, no strategy and no real plan. Everyone likes him and everyone seems to be including him in their strategy. He's gonna ride the southern gentleman "Yes, ma'ams" and "No sirs" all the way to a million bucks if these people don't wake up.

Forget the strategy session - we're at the Temple. I can't even begin to imagine how frickin cool this would be. PG and Denise are in awe. Denise mentions taking karate and that she's been doing it for eight years with her black belt coming up. As she tells us how amazing this place is, the demonstration begins. This is cooler than an '80s Michael Jackson video. These guys are all over the place and in perfect sync. The highlight for me was the one who broke out on his own and finished up with the worm. Very nice. They did weapons displays punctuated by one monk breaking a sword on his forehead, blade side first. I've never seen anything like it. As they sit down to eat, a pack of kids come out to help teach the Survivors some kung fu moves. As Denise is picking up the moves quickly, one of the monks actually comes to her and asks her to put on a demonstration. Can you even imagine it? Doing a martial arts demonstration at the Shaolin Temple with all of the Shaolin monks watching. I'd poo myself! But she was brilliant. A truly wonderful job and couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Erik seemed to be pretty impressed as well. Makes me wonder if James might not have some competition there. Anyway, back to the game...

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