Survivor: China Recap

Ready to Bite the Apple

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2007

He must have already forgotten how badly he miscalculated.

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First up is PG. Three terrible tosses later, she sits in first place with 0 points. Todd's up next and after missing the first two shots, lands a three-pointer on the third star. Erik is up third and his first shot is a three-pointer, he narrowly misses with the second star and scores another three with his 3rd star. Courtney scores three with her first toss, two with her second and one on her 3rd. Erik and Courtney are tied with six. James is up next. His first throw was lie a baseball and misses completely. His next two tosses both hit three for a total of six. Todd and PG are both eliminated. Amanda hits a three with her first shot, bounces off the three with her second and ties it up with a three on her third shot for a total of six. Denise wraps up round one with a miss and a two. Only a five shot will do it for her and she literally bounces it off the five points, but with no stick, no points.

Erik, James, Amanda and Courtney are all moving on to Round Two with scores of six. They move the board back and Courtney is up first. She misses completely. Amanda throws second and lands a two-pointer. Erik comes up next and quickly knocks Amanda out by scoring three points. James is the final thrower. He needs a three to tie or a five point shot to win. He winds up and can't stick it, giving Erik immunity. To me, this is the optimum result. We'll get to see if they can pull the James blindsiding thing off or not. If they decide not to, then PG will likely go home and I'm a happy man.


And now it's time to play...well, I'm not totally sure. Let's just see if Amanda can rally the troops. James tells us that PG is going home tonight and Erik will be nice. Amanda goes to Todd and tells him they have to get rid of James. Todd's worried about getting Erik or PG closer to the money where they'd be seen as "the fighters." As Courtney, Amanda and Todd get together, they finally decide to do it. They have to play up PG going home and hopefully he won't play it. Todd knows that he'll likely be getting PG's vote which means his ass will be on the line as much as anyone's. He then tells us that he's gonna have to lie right to James' face and that it really hurts because he likes James so much.

PG and Erik are talking about how former Zhan Hu members keep winning immunity and how she's pretty sure she's going home tonight. As they're lying there, PG sees James' idols hidden up in the roof of the shelter. She decides to go to Amanda and out James for having the idol. PG suggests that now is a good time to blindside James or flush out the idol. Amanda strongly suggests to her that she drop this line of talk and just go about the business of being voted out tonight. Amanda knows that if PG goes running around to everyone stirring this up, it will eventually get back to James and the whole plan will be destroyed. Now the question is, will PG drop it or keep on keeping on? We cut to PG talking to Erik and discussing how it looks like James is getting the vote. She suggests that she and Erik each vote for Todd, which will send Todd home, in the event that James plays an idol (very smart thinking, by the way.) Erik tells us he's not sure what to do, because he's not ready to rock the boat while immunity is on his neck. James and Amanda are discussing how PG is trying hard to stay in the game. James tells us that he's been the main guy trying to hold everything together. And I would guess so. Let's take a tally, who stands to gain if James stays in the game? James. Anyone else? Who stand to gain if James goes home? Everyone that's not James. Amanda is right. He has to go and he has to go now. Of course, he's trying to hold everyone together. 'Cause if he does, he cake walks into the finals. And who's not gonna give him the money? This should be a REAL interesting Tribal Council.

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