Survivor: China Recap

Ready to Bite the Apple

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2007

He must have already forgotten how badly he miscalculated.

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We get to Tribal and the first question goes to Denise. He asks her about the reward. She just raves on and on. He asks PG if she's tried to penetrate the Fei Long group. She says yep, but not with a lot of luck. He asks James about PG and James says that she's doing exactly what she's supposed to do. He says that it would be dumb to turn away from the numbers, though, and take the chance to go with the underdogs. He also says something about losing to which PG interrupts to point out that Zhan Hu keeps winning immunity and that also at some point they'll want all these folks to vote FOR them. He asks Todd how important is trust in this game. Todd says it's the ultimate. Denise says that she doesn't really trust anyone because the game's constantly changing. He asks James if it's possible to trust someone. James says that only if you have the same strategy and same goal can you really trust someone. Jeff asks who there is not overly concerned about going home tonight. In a light moment, Erik is the only one to raise his hand. He asks what PG thinks her odds are. She fully expects to go home and has been for several votes. And with that, it's time to vote. We see PGs vote for Todd and James' vote for PG. We then see Todd's vote for James with the comment that "I hope this works. If not, I'm scared for my life." And now the moment we've been waiting for. Jeff, "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, now would be the time to play it." Long drawn out pause for effect and no one plays an idol. First vote Todd. Next vote Todd. Third vote PG. And as he can't believe what's happening to him, all the rest of the votes come up James and he and his two idols head off to loser's lodge as having made one of the dumbest decisions in the history of Survivor. Hell, at least Jaime PLAYED her fake idol.

Next time on Survivor: as everyone gets teary eyed, looks like it's visitors from home week on Survivor. And Amanda might set her sights on getting rid of Todd. Finally, Denise appears to be a huge swing vote holding the fates of a couple people in her hands. I don't profess to know what will happen on upcoming episodes, but I can say that almost ANY time someone has talked about being the swing vote, that person pays the ultimate price for their indecision. Hopefully Denise would share that fate. Due to my lateness with writing this recap, we won't have to wait real long to find out.


***Before I sign off, one programming note. Looks like the season is ending very soon as Sunday, December 16th will be the three hour finale/reunion. Just thought I'd mention that so you all can adjust your calendar accordingly.***

'Til tomorrow, take care.

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