Survivor: China

Just Don't Eat The Apple

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2007

He's a jolly, happy soul.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: China. If you're just joining us, you might want to consider going back and reading Weeks 1-8, or you'll be totally lost with all the in-jokes. Go on, we'll wait. Very good. Don't you feel better now? For those who didn't just read last week's column, Previously on Survivor: Todd focused in on James, Jean-Robert caught up with the rest of the game and learned about the hidden idols, Denise got screwed in the reward challenge, Eric spilled the beans about James' idols, JR tried to play The Godfather with James, Courtney won immunity by losing her final pound and disappearing from the "sit real still" challenge, Todd switched AGAIN and JR got his bluff called and will be playing a lot of solitaire at Loser's Lodge. Promised for this week is Todd hating everyone, James and PG getting into it and a major twist at Tribal Council. So, let's get right to it.

We begin this week's adventure the morning after the JR boot and James is the only one up. He's feeling pretty lucky after the narrow escape the night before. He says that with the two idols, he's in pretty good shape, but he will be bringing them to Tribal Council with him from now on. He then heads over to the rest of the tribe and sings a really off-key good morning song to wake everyone up. Even so, Courtney is just happy as pie to have JR gone. She tells us how mice it is for him to be gone. We join Courtney and Amanda discussing Denise being upset over the vote last night. Courtney tells us that they had to blindside Denise with the vote and that could come back to hurt them. Denise tells us that they had a plan to get rid of all Zhan Hu and that she voted PG like planned, but they changed it on her and no one told her. She's feeling on the outside, especially considering she turned down the opportunity to join Zhan Hu and vote out James. She talks to James and he tells her that everyone was worried that she was flipping. He tries to convince her that she's very safe. She tells us that with his two idols, James is probably not a bad guy to hook up with for the remainder. Cue the Great Wall...


We come back to PG talking about not getting along with anyone. James tells her she's definitely on the outs. As she tells James how to do the fire and cook, Todd tells us that they got rid of JR and PG has taken his place. As they watch James cook the meal, it becomes quite apparent that Courtney and Frosti are starting to get awfully chummy. Todd is concerned about this new development. Tree mail comes with a little drum and promises an experience of a lifetime as well as a feast. As they head to the challenge, PG tells us that she's the losing-est Survivor out there and that she REALLY wants to win this one.

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