Survivor: China

Just Don't Eat The Apple

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2007

He's a jolly, happy soul.

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First round: Tiger, rabbit, rat, monkey, dog. Erik missed the second symbol and is out, just like that. Amanda, PG and Frosti get it correct and move on to Round 2.

Second round: Rat, ram, dragon, rooster, ram. Frosti is having trouble remembering. We start with Amanda and she missed the fourth symbol and is out of the challenge. PG got it right. Amazingly enough, so did Frosti.

Third round: Snake, rat, rabbit, tiger, rooster, ram. PG flies through this with no trouble at all. Once again, Frosti is struggling with the order. PG gets it right again. Frosti, on the other hand, messed up the second symbol and PG wins immunity. Sorry Erik.


After the 932nd reminder that Sara says goodbye on CSI tonight, we come back to play everyone's favorite game. It's time to play "It's Anyone But Erik." Frosti tells us that he's upset that so many people sat out the challenge and gave PG the chance to win. He tells us that Erik pretty much knows that he's gone. As they wish each other luck, they lament the fact that neither of them got a cheeseburger. Erik tells us that he expects to go, but he's not giving up. We join Todd and Frosti talking strategy. They talk about how smooth Erik is with the ladies and that they need to be careful with him because if he makes it to the end, he's guaranteed to win. Todd tells us that Frosti is every bit a threat and he isn't sure what to do yet. As Todd talks to Denise and James, he says that they need to pull Courtney in to get rid of Frosti. James is concerned she won't vote against her new boy toy. Todd says that he wants to talk to Courtney and that if she won't get on board with the Frosti vote, then maybe she needs to go. Denise then recaps for us that either Frosti or Courtney will be the vote tonight. We join Todd talking to Courtney and he tells her that everyone else is afraid she wouldn't vote against Frosti. Courtney tells us that this will be an important vote and that she's not really sure what she'll do at this point. Todd tells us again that he may just have to vote for Courtney if he can't get something more solid out of her. Before we get to Tribal, I'd like to point out that I'm absolutely amazed that it went from "It's Anyone But Erik" to "It's Either Frosti or Courtney and Erik Is Totally Safe." It makes me wonder who's controlling things in this game, Todd or Amanda.

Jeff begins Tribal by asking James about the immunity challenge. He says he was surprised that James would bag out of the challenge. James tells us that he just thought "attack" and that he ate seven cheeseburgers. He asks Todd next and Todd says as soon as he saw the burgers, the fat kid inside him said to eat. He says it was very tough to bag out, especially when he had told himself that he would never do it. Jeff asks Frosti why he stayed in. Frosti said that he knows no matter how comfortable you feel, you can always go home and he wants to know that if he does go home, it will only be after he did everything he possibly could to avoid it. Moving on to Erik, Jeff asks him if the four that sat out feel comfortable enough to know they're not going home. He says that he feels that he is at the bottom of the ladder. Jeff talks about the two types of relationships you build in this game. One is the game relationship and the other is the type of relationship that will continue after the game. He asks Amanda if those two have begun to butt heads yet. Is she having to vote off people that she would rather have an after the game relationship with, while keeping people that she doesn't. She says that it's hard to have friendships and play the game because those things may not always follow the same path. He moves to Denise and asks her that if she has a friendship, should she expect some loyalty in the game. She says that you'd like to think that would be the case, but you can't expect it in a game like this. You just hope that the friendships you make during the game will last after the game. Jeff turns to Frosti and asks him what it says about him that he's still there after switching tribes. He says it's just a testament to the relationships he made when he came over there. He then asks Erik if it ever feels personal. He says that it definitely does sometimes as he's been trying to make friends but he's on the block and that trying to find his way into the mix can also be detrimental to him. And with that, it's time to vote.

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