Survivor: China

Just Don't Eat The Apple

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2007

He's a jolly, happy soul.

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Probst sighting!! The group will be divided into two teams. Using four different sized drums, the teams will need to keep a bouncing ball in the air through a series of obstacles. They'll pass through two gates along the way. If they drop the ball, they have to go back to the start, or the most recently passed gate and begin again. At the end of the course is a barrel to put the balls in. The first team to get three balls in their barrel wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? The winning team will be treated to a cruise on the Lee River. They'll have a nice dinner, spend the night on the boat and return to camp the next day. Teams will be determined with another school yard pick. PG and Erik are chosen as captains and PG gets to choose first. Naturally, she chooses James. Erik chooses Frosti. James then chooses Todd. Frosti chooses Amanda. (And can someone tell me what could possibly be so bad that they need to blur out Amanda as she walks over to join her team? Seriously.) Todd chooses Denise, leaving Courtney to join Erik, Frosti and Amanda.

The teams begin with Erik and Todd bouncing the balls. They carry it all the way up to the first obstacle. Erik passes off to Frosti and they continue on. Todd passes it off but it falls to the ground and they have to start all over. Erik and Frosti basically pass the ball back and forth over obstacles all the way to the end. With Amanda providing a back board to the barrel, Erik deposits the first ball in for yellow. As Todd and James can't keep control of their ball, Erik and Frosti are just cruising through this course. Skipping James this time, Todd goes to PG who sucks at this game every bit as bad as James. As the red team finally gets to the barrel, they lose control again. Oh by the way, the yellow team already has their second ball in. As red misses the barrel again, yellow brings their third ball down and Frosti deposits it for the win. Erik, Frosti, Courtney and Amanda win reward.


We come back from break to find PG scolding James saying that she can't believe he ever accused her of giving up at challenges. He tells her to go away and then she continues to blast him. He tells her to shut up and quit blaming people. That's why she loses. James won't let her finish a sentence. And frankly, why the hell should he? She's the one who orchestrated the thrown challenge that got Aaron voted out. She would have done the same to James if she thought she could get away with it. PG, if you happen to read this recap, which I'm sure you don't, but if you do, listen up. YOU. THREW. A. CHALLENGE. And you have the nerve to question how James performs in a challenge? How dare you! How dare you completely thrash the integrity of this game and have the nerve to EVER question anyone else's resolve. You gave up that right the minute you tanked that puzzle. And bravo to James for not giving her the opportunity to say even one thing back to him. 'Twas a very nice exchange. As PG goes for a walk, James complains to us about her for a while. She tells us that she's pissed about not winning any challenges and then whines about not having anyone on her side.

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