Survivor: China

Just Don't Eat The Apple

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2007

He's a jolly, happy soul.

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As James and Denise discuss the challenge, they both say that they all need to focus and get rid of her. James tells us that they have everything planned out and it's working out perfectly for them. But he understands human nature. They're worried about Courtney and Frosti and the temptations that are out there for everyone. But like James says, "Just don't eat the damn apple. Be nekkid and be happy." Todd tells us that his situation really sucks because the four people he gets along the best with are off having a good time on a boat without him.

And we join the reward winners on their cruise. They're sitting around a table drinking and snacking. Erik tells us that he's just excited to have finally won something. But more than that, it's a chance to try to develop some relationships. As talk turns to PG, Erik realizes that PG appears to be next on the list, which might give him a chance to work something out. As they continue, the show focuses on Frosti and Courtney. As he rubs her back, she tells us that she's not sure what the relationship is with Frosti, since he's so young (20 to her 26) and all. Frosti gives us his take by saying that he likes her a lot. She's attractive and smart and "she's way out of my league" but he's glad to have someone to be close to out there. As they drink more and continue on, they spot some goats on the bluffs. As Erik does a crazy accurate goat impression, he seems to making a better impression on Amanda. She tells us how adorable he is and how she wants to see him stay around as long as possible. The true test will come in a little while when she has to decide whether or not to cut him loose. At this point, Mr. Todd might just be in some trouble. As day turns to night, dinner is served. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cord and all the fixings are on the menu tonight. Frosti tells us that he's concerned that Erik is fitting in too well with Courtney and Amanda and that he might be taking his place.


We come back from break the next morning as the rewarders return to camp. Naturally, the non-rewarders want all the details. Amanda lies and tells them they had more Chinese food. They were afraid the others would be real upset if they knew they missed out on fried chicken and potatoes. They talked about how nice the cruise and scenery were though. They all get with Todd so Todd can fill them in on camp life while they were away. He tells them about the fight between PG and James and they all get a kick out of that. Especially Erik who tells us that it sounds like PG is on the outs and as long as she doesn't win immunity, he should be safe. If she DOES win, then he could be in some trouble.

Probst sighting! Today's challenge is all about the memory. Each person will have a series of Chinese zodiac symbols. Each round Jeff will call out a series of symbols and the players will have to stab them with their knife in the correct order. As long as they match his order, they stay in the game. Mess it up and they're out. Last one standing wins immunity. But wait, there's a catch: if they feel so safe that they don't need immunity, they can opt out of the challenge and eat. Cheeseburgers, fries, cold drinks and all the fixings. Each person is given a black and white chip. When Jeff counts three, they have to choose a chip. Black for food, white for challenge. 3-2-1. When the hands open; James, Todd, Courtney and Denise choose to eat. PG, Frosti, Amanda and Erik are playing to win the challenge. As soon as the challenge starts, the people can eat. When the challenge ends, they have to stop.

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