Survivor: China

Just Don't Eat The Apple

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2007

He's a jolly, happy soul.

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First vote we see is Frosti voting for Erik saying that one of them will be eating cheeseburgers before the other, even though neither of them deserves it. We then see Erik vote for Frosti saying that it's one of them tonight and it's nothing personal. We get to hear Amanda's comments and she says that she thinks they're an amazing person. Jeff heads to tally the votes and we're left wondering if Courtney's indecision will cost her or if it really is either Erik or Frosti. First vote: Frosti. Second vote: Erik. Rest of the votes: Frosti. And just like that Frosti becomes the ninth person voted out of Survivor: China. As much as I hate to see Frosti go, if they're not going to blindside James, Frosti is the one that has to go. He's a threat to win every challenge and he's TOO likeable to want to go up against at the final Tribal Council. After Frosti heads out toward Loser's Lodge, Jeff tells everyone, "Well, you've made it a long ways in this game, but there are still 12 days left. Now more than ever, the ability to adapt moment to moment is what's going to keep you in this game. We're gonna test that right now. Tonight you will not be heading directly back to camp. We have more business to attend to here." And with that, the episode ends.


While we wait for the previews of the next episode, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that next week's episode will be the dreaded recap show. They'll recap the season so far and maybe mix in a few seconds of footage we've never seen. I'm assuming they don't want anyone messing up their Turkey Day to catch a new episode and I appreciate that. I also appreciate that I get a week off from my recaps! So, the next NEW Survivor episode will air on Thursday November 29th. And for that show: injuries are taking their toll and we see some awful sores on Erik and PGs legs. James has had enough (and a haircut and shave, it seems) and is starting to demand that some other people step up and actually do something. Todd, also with a shave, tells us that he has a strong opinion and he'll knock you down if he has to. And they show him telling someone, "You gotta watch your mouth dude." I can only assume he was talking to James. One thing's for sure, this tribe has one sure thing vote left in PG and then it should become quite interesting, since Erik seems to have made his way in with Amanda. Well, that's it for me this week. Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and I'll be back in two weeks as we'll finally find out what other business they can possibly have at Tribal Council. Til then, take care.

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