Survivor: China

I'm Not As Dumb As I Look

By Jim Van Nest

November 2, 2007

What do you mean, it's not an immunity idol?

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Hello, good people! Long time no see! Wow, I feel like I just did this...oh, I don't know...LAST night too! Anyway, as I try to get myself back on track, let's recap shall we? Previously on Survivor: James worked, Todd schemed, Jean-Robert snored, Frosti busted in on the idol fun, James was kidnapped and idol-ed, Zhan Hu tried, Denise couldn't eat Balut and Sherea mouthed herself right off the show. Promos for this week have been VERY interesting. We can expect a merge, a violation of privacy, a third immunity idol (??) and the seventh person voted out of Survivor: China. So, whaddaya say, let's get to it!!

We begin with Fei Long after Tribal. Jean-Robert is pretty upset over what happened in Tribal Council. Amanda and Todd tell him that he needs to deal with Courtney on his own. Courtney tells us that she thinks Todd and Amanda are kissing up to Jean-Robert and that just because she dislikes everyone else more than them; they're mistaking that for friendship. Cue the titles...


After Amazing Race promo # 1,232,574, we come back to Zhan Hu. PG is telling James that she hopes he trusts them now. He says they don't seem loyal to him but to each other. She's trying real hard to get him to stick with them. She says they sacrificed one of their tribemates to keep him. He's SO not buying it, and frankly, I'm insulted by the whole conversation. As the other three talk, James is lingering around the idol. As they wonder what he's thinking, he slowly pries off the wrong piece, no idol. He pries off a second one and that's the one. Everyone comes back before he can put the wrong one back up. But the damage is done. James is now sitting on two immunity idols and they're both hidden from the rest of Zhan Hu. About the other piece? Who cares, it's nothing more than a nice souvenir at this point.

Back at Fei Long, it's shaping up to be more of the Courtney Drama Hour. Todd is a little annoyed with her. She's pissed because Jean-Robert didn't get voted out. Todd tells her that JR is part of his strategy and he needs him to stay around. As Courtney continues to whine about how JR doesn't like her and Todd doesn't even care, Todd tells her flat out that she's right. No one likes JR, but they can't just run up and tell him that, or he'll swap teams when the tribes merge. He tells us that Courtney is becoming a problem because she's going to vote for JR every single time and all it takes is word to get out and the three Zhan Hu's will piggy back on that and all of a sudden there's a four vote campaign to dump JR and Todd doesn't want to risk losing his numbers. Todd is trying to patch things up with Courtney but of course, that's asking too much. Basically, she just pissed off Todd and that's the same as punching her own ticket out of here.

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