Survivor: China

I'm Not As Dumb As I Look

By Jim Van Nest

November 2, 2007

What do you mean, it's not an immunity idol?

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Back at Zhan Hu, Jamie notices that something is missing on the overhang. Uh oh, they see it. Eric finds the non-idol and tells us that it looks "idolish." Erik's decided to keep it because it looks like an idol. So, we now have two idols in play and one non-idol in play. As night falls, Jamie (bitch that she is) decides to go through James' bag while he's off frog hunting with PG. As she digs through his stuff, she finds both idols. Ya know...they say all's fair in love and war. Well, this is neither. This is a game and there's an integrity that comes with the game. Jamie has completely trashed the integrity of the game once, but throwing a challenge and having the nerve to laugh about it. Now she's taken it even further. Remember when I told you about "turning heel?" She's taken it even farther than that now. The typical heel you kinda love to hate. Jamie, on the other hand, I just hate and she can't leave this game fast enough.

We come back from break and James realizes the blank board is gone. He surmises that someone picked it up and thinks it's an idol. He's laughing at the idea of Jamie holding a bogus idol. Which brings to mind...she never did actually look at the idols. She found them in James' pants legs, but never unwrapped them to see the writing. She probably still thinks the plank she has is legit. James is dying at the thought of her pulling out an immunity idol that's not an idol.

Probst sighting!! Jeff tells them that in the Art of War, it's important to know yourself and your opponent. "Drop your buffs, you are merged!" As everyone hugs, Jamie tells us how excited she is to have a hidden immunity idol. Bwahahahahahaha!!! The tribe will live at Fei Long beach. There will be a flag and paints to name and paint for the new tribe. There will also be a feast and an afternoon of Chinese performances. Jeff reminds them before they leave that no matter what's going on; remember that the game never ends. That sounds like he's dropping a major hint to me. Sounds that way to Jean-Robert too, but he has no idea what it could mean.


They all make their way to the feasting table and dine on all sorts of food and drink. They get to watch a sweet acrobatic show. They have plate spinners, contortionists, fireworks, music, dancing...quite a wonderful display really. As this goes on Amanda tells us her first thought was who to pick off next. She says she won't be able to relax until all the Zhan Hus are gone.

We come back from break as the tribe comes back to their beach. JR tells confirms that Zhan Hus will go first. He's feeling pretty secure in his place in the tribe. We had a big waste of time known as "Coming up with a new tribe name." As we get back to the game, PG tells us that while she's down 6-4 in the numbers, but she seems to think that she can pull in James and Frosti to her side to give her the numbers and a power position. Um, PG...This is Earth, have you met? She's one of the stupidest people to ever play this game, if she thinks James will side with her over his former tribe. The way she tried to throw challenges to dump him and she thinks he'll side with her? That's not crazy, that's just dumb.

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