Survivor: China

I'm Not As Dumb As I Look

By Jim Van Nest

November 2, 2007

What do you mean, it's not an immunity idol?

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As they get to Tribal, Jeff asks Amanda how the merge changed the game. She says it's nice to have a lot of new people around and that they're having fun. Jeff asks PG if Amanda talking about fun means that she feels confident that she isn't going anywhere. PG says that with their numbers, she should feel that way. Next up is JR, has he noticed a shift in people? He says it's interesting how the dynamic has changed to individual. He goes on to mention that Courtney will last a long time because she won't be seen as a threat. Courtney of course has something to say. She says that's JR's way of making her out to be a threat, when she's not. This goes on for a bit and ends with James saying that JR talks too much. He asks PG if she tried to find cracks in the Fei Long group. She mentions that she's heard JR's name come up a couple times. He asks Jamie what the key is to keep attention off her. She says all she tried to do was talk to people to see if there's any kind of cracks in their alliance and maybe they'll keep her instead of them. And with that, it's time to vote.

First vote we see is Jamie voting for Jean-Robert. We then see Courtney start to write, but all we see is the 'J', so it could really be either one, I guess. I'll go tally the votes. And here it is, ladies and gentlemen. The moment we were all hoping for. Before Jeff reads a vote, Jamie interrupts him to ask about and presents her "immunity idol." Jeff takes it and explains the rules of the hidden idol. As James and Todd snicker, Jeff says, "The rules of Survivor state that if a hidden immunity idol is played, any votes cast against that person will not count and the person with the next highest number of votes will be sent home. That's in the case of a hidden immunity idol being played." And he throws it in the fire. As JR and James and others laugh, Jeff lets them know that Jamie's votes will count. He reads: JR, Jamie, Jamie, JR, JR, Jamie. We're tied 3-3. After three more votes, the seventh person voted out of Survivor: China is Jamie. WOO HOO!!! Like John Lennon said...Instant Karma gonna get ya.

Talk about one of the greatest episodes of Survivor ever to air, watching Jamie go from digging through someone's stuff like a complete puke, in the span of one episode, we see it come back on her and dump her from the game. And she humiliated herself in the process. Throw in all the "they all think I'm just dumb" and "I'm real good at playing stupid" comments and this was just the most brutal episode for a Survivor since Outback Mike took a nose dive into a fire.


Next time on Survivor: for whatever reason, Todd seems to want to target James. He says if they dump James, both idols go home with him. Todd's alliance starts to question him and PG makes a power play.

Before I sign off and I don't usually do this, but Jamie had the most obnoxious final words. She complains about how she made a mistake in trusting James and that he's just not trustworthy. Are you frickin' kidding me? You threw a challenge to dump Aaron and would have done the same to James if not for Sherea being a flake. Then you went through his crap when he wasn't around? But HE'S untrustworthy??? Oh. My. God. With that, I'll take my leave. Til next week, take care.

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