Survivor: China

I'm Not As Dumb As I Look

By Jim Van Nest

November 2, 2007

What do you mean, it's not an immunity idol?

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Um...Probst sighting! As the tribe talks, Jeff lands on the beach carrying a big bag. Jeff never comes to camp...this has to be a challenge. He asks the tribe if they've come up with a name yet and they have. They're going to be Hae Da Fung, which means Black Fighting Wind. With that stuff out of the way, Jeff gets to what is in the bag. He says it's a gift for one of them and he pulls out the Immunity Necklace. He goes on to tell them that the immunity challenge will happen right now. As everyone gathers in an open place, Jeff explains that he told them that the game was still on at all times. Each person will be given a tablet. Jeff will ask them questions about the feast and performances. Miss one question and you're gone. Last person left wins immunity. I LOVE a single immunity challenge. That will be sweet. James and Frosti are already counting themselves out as they have bad memories. Jean-Robert says he was too concentrated on food. Personally, I think Denise, PG or Todd will likely be stellar at this challenge. Let's see if I'm right.

First question: How many times did fireworks go off during the celebration? The correct answer is three. James, Amanda, Courtney and PG all missed that one and they are out. Four down, six to go.

Second question: What was the centerpiece of the table? The correct answer is a dragon. Everyone gets that one right.


Third question: There was a pole with knife blades as steps in the middle of the field. What color was the pole? The correct answer is yellow. Todd, Jean-Robert, Denise and Erik miss it and are out. That leaves Frosti and Jamie as the only people left.

Fourth question: There were four dancers in long flowing skirts. What did they wear on their feet? The correct answer is nothing. Jamie? Oh, she doesn't get that one right. Frosti? Oh yeah, he does. Frosti wins the first individual immunity. And with that, all I could think was, please get rid of Jamie, please get rid of Jamie, please get rid of Jamie.

We come back from break to play "It's anyone but PG, Jamie or Erik." PG is sitting right by James trying to determine if he's on her side or not. Um, PG, this just in, HE'S NOT! She asks him in they're still cool, he says mmm hmmm and that's the end of it. We flip to James talking to Todd about the idols and how one of the Zhan Hus has a blank board but thinks it's an idol. He said he just had to tell Todd because it's so funny. Todd confirms that the final five will be James, Amanda, Denise, Courtney and himself. Next we see James telling Amanda about the idols and as they both get a good laugh out of it, the talk turns to who to get rid of. Amanda thinks they should target Jamie as she's the silent leader of the group and would be the one most likely to try get a crack in the main alliance. As they talk, Amanda does mention that Courtney hasn't been very solid for them and she's concerned she might flip. James is just beside himself with Courtney saying that she's gonna flip. He says she's out there worried about making friends instead of alliances to win a million dollars.

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