Survivor: Fiji

An Evil Thought

By Jim Van Nest

April 2, 2007

A knockout at last.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to the wonderful world of Survivor: Fiji. Well, they changed it up last week and the show still managed to suck. But I'm ridin' high on energy drinks right now and I'm feeling pretty positive that tonight is the night we turn it around. Previously on Survivor, the tribes were shaken up and Earl, Michelle and Yau Man were given a reprieve from misery, while Edgardo, Alex and Dreamz joined Rocky, Mookie and Anthony at Camp Leaf Lick. Lisi, after whining about not going home, was sent to Exile after a well deserved smack down from Jeff Probst. Earl started to grow a God complex at the new Moto camp, and Rocky slipped a little further over the edge. The more things change, the more they stay the same and Ravu lost another immunity challenge where it came down to a choice between whiny Anthony and over-the-top annoying Rocky. Rocky came out on top this time, but let's face it, Anthony was no Clubber Lang. With Lisi sent to join the Boys Club this week (and the fact that Ravu can't win immunity), I figure I have a 33% chance that Rocky or Lisi will go home. If that does come to fruition, this will easily be the best episode of the season so far. So let's get right to it, shall we?

As usual, we start out at the losing Ravu camp and the discussion is about Lisi joining the tribe. Alex is worried about her little meltdown before she went to Exile. She comes back talking. She tells the guys that Exile isn't as bad as she thought. Yet, she tells us that when she first got there, she broke down. And then over the next two days, she built back up and now has her head back in the game. Of course, it took her much longer to tell the guys that. Dreamz tells us that he never did like Lisi and he still doesn't. She tells us about her alliance with Edgardo and Alex, but is a little worried that Dreamz may join up with Rocky and Mookie to try to get her off.


At Moto, Yau Man seems to have fallen into the role of fire and water guy. Earl tells us that he needs to find a way to change the 3-3 tie they have in camp. He decides to take the tribe out to get their boat (which for some frickin reason is beached pretty far away from camp.) Yau will stay behind to "tend the fire." This is better known as "dig for the hidden idol." And on Moto camp, he has some tools with which to dig.

He goes at the ground with a pick axe and a shovel and quickly has a decent sized hole dug in the ground. And then...there it is. He's like a school kid finding a quarter on the playground. Dude is shaking, he's so excited. When it's finally unwrapped, we see a rope necklace with a metal turtle at the end of it. He fills in the hole and tells us that he will need to let Earl know as soon as he gets back. When the folks come back, they tell him they couldn't get the boat. Right after, Yau and Earl go out fishing. Yau tells him right away that they have the idol. And he tells us that he is blown away that he found a friend out here and that of all people; it was a big strong black man. Earl is very stoked. The plan is to share it. They'll keep their ears open and if either of them is ever in trouble, the idol will be shared.

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