Survivor: Fiji

An Evil Thought

By Jim Van Nest

April 2, 2007

A knockout at last.

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Back to the challenge. Yau Man and Mookie are on the course now. Boo jumps up to take over calling duties from Michelle because he says he has a loud voice. As he gets on the platform, he has to pause because he is having trouble seeing. Um, Boo...chucklenut that you are, when you're the eyes for the entire tribe, maybe you shouldn't volunteer if you can't frickin see. Despite Boo, Yau gets to his skull, breaks it and collects the tiles before Mookie. Moto gets first crack at the puzzle. What follows are a bunch of close up shots and suspenseful music, but you really can't tell who's doing what until Moto calls Jeff over to see their puzzle solved as Cannibal Isles. Moto wins immunity and continues their winning streak for the ICs.

We come back to Ravu and it's time to play, "It's anyone but Rocky." Edgardo has had enough of Rocky. His over the top attitude has worked over his nerves pretty well. As he and Alex talk, the conversation turns to whether or not they should tell Mookie about the plan to boot Rocky. They decide not to. Alex and Lisi are discussing the Rocky boot and their three person alliance. It's here that Lisi tells Alex that the idol is on the island. She tells him that she thinks the three of them should work as a team to find the idol. Alex agrees. I can't help but notice that this agreement doesn't seem as tight as Yau and Earl's agreement. We join Mookie and Dreamz in discussion and Dreamz tells Mookie that Rocky is the target. Mookie mentions that he won't vote for Rocky due to a previous agreement. Dreamz says he may not even vote for Rocky. Dreamz would rather see Lisi gone than Rocky. So, we're seeing the potential for a 3-3 tie. Just depends on if Dreamz really goes against the alliance. Rocky is definitely feeling the heat and it's made him...wait for it...cranky. He tells us that he's used to pulling the strings at Tribal and this time he's not. He still feels confident that Lisi is going home. Meanwhile, Lisi is feeling pretty confident too, but not confident enough to NOT dig for the idol a little bit before Tribal.


Tribal starts off with Lisi being added back in. Jeff points out the meltdown and asks her if she was worried about her welcome. She says she wasn't too worried about that as she knew she'd be with members of her former tribe no matter where she ended up. He asks Dreamz about the meltdown and he said that he didn't want Lisi on his team. He didn't want someone on his team that wanted to go home, but she came back from Exile totally different than how she went. He asks Mookie about the tribe's physical strength and how that determines who to vote for. Mookie says it's hard to decide who to vote out, especially since the whole physical thing isn't working out for them thus far. He asks about adjustments and Lisi states the obvious - that this tribe needs to win. She seals it with quite possibly the most annoying laugh ever heard on television. Good lord, I do not like her. And it's time to vote.

We see Rocky's vote for Lisi and Lisi's vote for Rocky. I'll go tally the votes. The first two votes are for Lisi followed up by four straight votes for Rocky. And a cheer ascends from all the houses in the Survivor world. Rocky has become the seventh person voted out of Survivor: Fiji AND the first member of the jury.

Next time on Survivor: Lisi is having a hard time and seems to be cracking up. The tribes appear to be learning some sort of tribal dance, and Boo looks like a moron. And Alex, Mookie and Edgardo go out to find the idol without Lisi knowing about it. Uh oh. Until next week, take care.

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