Survivor: Fiji

An Evil Thought

By Jim Van Nest

April 2, 2007

A knockout at last.

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Back at Moto, they're all eating a bit of humble pie. Boo tells us that winning the immunity is huge now...especially for Yau Man. He says Yau will be the target if they lose. Yau tells us that he is excited about having the idol and that he now has to make sure it stays hidden from the tribe. He also tells us that he has a really evil thought.

And then, it happens. In the history of Survivor, we've seen some brilliant moves. The way Yul handled the idol last season, Rob Mariano stabbing Lex in the back during All-Stars, Richard Hatch's original plan of being the provider and the crown jewel of strategy, Jonny Fairplay's dead grandma. What happens next easily ranks with the best of these and if something actually comes of it, it could go down as the savviest move in the history of the show.


Yau decides to create another immunity idol to bury and leave for someone else to find. He takes a coconut shell, decorates it all up, wraps it up and buries it back in the hole he dug up earlier. "There are so many immunity idols running around here", he says as he plans to hide the new one. Also, he doesn't bury it very deep, so it should be very easy to find. This opens up so many possibilities. I mean, can you imagine Lisi or Rocky finding that thing after the merge? And then at Tribal, they think they're in trouble and decide to play their "immunity idol"? Talk about the potential for the greatest moment in the history of Survivor. Watching Jeff have to issue the smack down on someone for playing a false idol. And I'm sure some of you are thinking, "But, Jim...while this seems like it could be a real good prank, what makes it so savvy?" Well, I'm glad you asked. We've seen in the past that having the hidden idol has changed the strategic game of the person possessing it. While they still go all out in the challenges, (with the exception of Yul) they sorta take a break from the strategic part of the game. They're content to let the game unfold around them, while they sit their knowing they're in good shape. The perfect set of circumstances for Yau would be for Boo to find the new idol. He already thinks he has a good strategy. He'd be the perfect guy to get duped by this idol. So Yau buries the idol not very deep in the ground, so it should be easily found. He then tells us how important this next challenge is for his as he feels he's on the chopping block and he really doesn't want to be forced to use the idol this soon after finding it.

Probst sighting. Today's challenge will be a blindfolded piƱata-like contest. There will be one caller leading the rest of the tribe onto a course with dangling skulls hanging over it. The blindfolded member will need to break the skulls with a Fijian war club and collect the puzzle tiles that fall out. There are five skulls. Once a tribe has collected all five sets of tiles, they have to solve a two-word puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins immunity. During the challenge, tribes are allowed to switch out callers if they so choose. Michelle and Lisi start off calling. Stacy and Alex are the first ones out on the course. Michelle is very good at this, while Lisi is pretty bad at it. Stacy has a huge lead on Alex - so much so that when Alex finally gets back, he takes over the calling duty. And he is much better. He gets Edgardo out there and Ed almost catches up with Cassandra for Moto. Earl and Dreamz are about neck and neck for the third set of tiles. Boo and Rocky are the next ones out. Boo seems to have some trouble with which way is left. Even so, he still manages to get the skull before Rocky. As Yau Man heads out for Moto, we have what is most likely the most rewound scene on this season of Survivor. As she's jumping and dancing on her platform, Michelle gets a little too close to the edge. You hear her voice stop and the camera angle, which is focused on Yau, catches Michelle in the background flying off the platform and down about six feet to the ground below her. She hops right back up and that's super, but the hilarity of the moment is something I'll remember for a long time. In fact, here's a clip so you can enjoy it yourself.

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