Survivor: Fiji

An Evil Thought

By Jim Van Nest

April 2, 2007

A knockout at last.

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Probst sighting! Today's challenge is a fun one. Each tribe will use a metal flame thrower to throw fire balls at targets. The first tribe to catch all three targets on fire will win reward. The reward will be a plane trip to a Fijian arcade. There will be foosball, air hockey, bowling and hot dogs and beer. Also, the winning tribe will send someone to Exile.

First up are Earl and Dreamz. Earl falls just short while Dreamz is right on target. Michelle and Lisi are up next and neither of them hit the mark. Yau and Edgardo are up next. As Yau is getting ready, we see Mookie (tool that he is) making fun of how Yau is holding his thrower. And right after that, Yau plants one on the first target. Edgardo misses. Boo and Mookie are next. Boo just misses and Mookie is dead on. 2-1 Ravu. Cassandra and Alex are up next. Both come up short. Stacy and Rocky also miss the mark. We're back to Earl and Dreamz. Earl comes up short again and Dreamz scores his second point and wins the challenge for Ravu. And there is much rejoicing. Ravu chooses Earl to go back to Exile. You can see Earl and Yau Man practically laugh they're so happy with that choice. The more each of them go, the longer it will be before someone else even knows the idol is on their beach.

We come back from break to join Ravu on their first reward of the season. Mookie has decided that this win is the beginning of the end for Moto. Um, yeah, dude. That's a little like the Detroit Lions declaring the Super Bowl theirs after winning the home opener. What comes next is actually pretty gross. We get to see the entire tribe gorging themselves on hot dogs. As in, three and four hot dogs on a big bun and shoving it all in their mouth at once. Rocky tells them to slow down or they're going to make themselves sick.


Lisi is excited to be around a bunch of boys and Mookie tells us that she's the type you go to the game with and drink beer with. She feels like she's mingling with the tribe and thinks she's integrated herself pretty well.

We join Earl at Exile and he says it's pretty boring there. Um, Earl, you couldn't be more right. The only highlight is Earl renaming the island Earl Island. To show how bored he is, he even scrolls a logo for his new island in the beach sand.

Back at the Acid Reflux Arcade, the Ravu tribe is now pretty sick. Ed, Mookie, Alex and Lisi are all feeling ill. Rocky, who didn't gorge himself, starts talking about how good the food was and no one wants to hear him talk about food anymore. Naturally, he sees that he found a hot button and he feels the need to push it, over and over and over. Edgardo tells us that Rocky is just too over the top and he's getting tired of him.

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