The Amazing Race Recap

Dude, I'm Such a Hot Giant Chick Right Now!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 14, 2006

I knew we should have shown more cleavage.

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To discover the next clue, the teams must go through a labyrinth of shrubbery (the Knights Who Say Ni would be so pleased), and the boys and Rob & Kimberly are through first. There are, as always, two detour options. One will have teams putting on giant costumes and wandering through town to find someone who is similarly attired. The other would have them search through a giant pile of tomatoes while locals lob said tomatoes in their direction.

When the teams emerge from the maze, there is some confusion with regards to the taxis and the blondes are off first. The Zoolanders have some serious trouble getting someone to drive them to their destination, and the Lyns aren't doing much better. The boys get the first cab and enlist their driver to call someone for the Birmingham ladies. The beauty queens did indeed manage to turn the tables in their favor, but their lead is slim indeed.

Now comes the Amazing Race's rendition of The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Rob & Kimberly have elected the needle in the haystack challenge, which generally proves to be a bad idea. This time, not only are they faced with the daunting task of finding something impossible, but people are chucking fruit (or are they vegetables) at them. This turns Rob up to 11, and he starts yelling at members of the crowd and chucking tomatoes back at them. Really, it almost seems as though he doesn't understand the point of the challenge - they need to find their clue, not go to war with the citizens of Barcelona. Kimberly begins to melt down as she is entirely frustrated by the ickiness and violence of the task. They try to leave and drive over to the other task, but it is simply too far away and they cannot risk elimination. And the good news is that when they return to the tomatoes, they find the clue that directs them to the Pit Stop rather quickly.


Meanwhile, Dustin & Kandice are daunted by the hugeness of their costumes, and as they traverse the streets, begin to sweat unbearably. Imagine wearing a college mascot costume and the heat it must generate - these traditional folk costumes are really about the same.

Random aside: we miss the hippies.

The Lyns and the model boys arrive at the Detour area, with the ladies taking the tomato challenge and the boys doing the costume work. Tyler & James quickly encounter Dustin & Kandice, which does a lot to reassure them about their chances of beating the girls. Lyn & Karlyn make it through the tomato challenge without much trouble, and the crowd even applauds them when they leave.

Tyler & James take off down a side alley and Dustin & Kandice become alarmed. They should be, too, as Rob & Kimberly arrive at the Pit Stop in first place, thereby forcing them to finish at least 31 minutes ahead of the last team. Since the beauty queens know that Tyler & James are right there with them, their only hope is that the Lyns have stumbled somehow.

At the Pit Stop, Rob & Kimberly cry a little bit and discuss the fact that they totally want to get married and stuff. The only thing we notice is that Rob seems to be making their engagement contingent upon winning the million bucks. Does this mean he's going to throw tomatoes at Kimberly if they lose?

Tyler & James and Dustin & Kandice arrive at the area where they believe the Pit Stop to be, but they have some trouble determining where they're supposed to go. They try to get directions from the locals, but no one understands their bad Spanish. Meanwhile, the Lyns show up and after getting some good instructions, arrive in second place. Soon afterward, because Dustin & Kandice set off in the completely wrong direction, Tyler & James have defeated them and put them out of the race. In the end, the mostly evil female team was able to elimate the purely evil team. I guess we'll call that a win.

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