The Amazing Race Recap

Dude, I'm Such a Hot Giant Chick Right Now!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 14, 2006

I knew we should have shown more cleavage.

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The male half of Team Romance (aka Rob & Kimberly) expresses confidence in himself as well as his partner. He also has a firm belief in happy endings. No, not that sort, you pervs. The man saw another Rob have success proposing on a reality show and he's hoping to replicate the feat. It will be even better if some network ponies up for the wedding! Kimberly shows her passion by swatting away a fly.

Once the teams arrive in Casablanca, it's Roadblock time. And lucky for us, it's an eating gross things challenge! We can't get enough of those! And with the start featuring disembodied camel heads, we know it's going to be awesome! The teams must find this gruesome market, go to a cafe, grind their meat, cook it up just so, and dine on the delicacy. The former drug addicts must have eaten worse in their lives, because they show no reservations.

The blondes, meanwhile, once again capitalize on being cute and use their sex appeal to get a dude to help guide them to the clue and eventually the cafe. Tyler & James are impressed that the beauty queens have made up the deficit and rightfully so. This gain was made without bunching.

As Dustin & Kandice cook some yummy yummy camel (they look forward to the protein), Rob & Kimberly are lost and he is ready to regress into meltdown mode. The happy couple stops being happy, and Rob assumes tantrum position. Even Kimberly is confused by his actions, asking how throwing his hands up in frustration helps anything. Rob asks the man who has been helping Dustin & Kandice for help, but the dude senses that he might be able to get a little somethin' somethin' if he accompanies the girls the entire way to the airport and he says no. And to be fair, he does seem to be having a blast with the pretty ladies.

Soon, Rob & Kimberly and the Lyns have worked together to find their clues and they're all off to grind and eat some meat. Pussy Rob says he can't eat something so unusual, deferring the task to his partner, then bitches at Kimberly as she grinds too slowly (in his opinion). He's not the only one full of criticism, though. Karyn rides Lyn through her entire meal, almost causing her partner to gag. We're happy when Ln tells her to shut up, as we've said exactly the same words just moments before.


Now that all teams are through the food task, it's time for everyone to head to Barcelona, Spain. Upon arrival at the airport, the guide for the blondes gets six kisses, but no sexy time.

The model boys and beauty queen girls are both at the airline ticket desk, and they all soon discover that there are only two tickets available for the first flight out. The blondes have the gall to ask the Zoolanders if they'd be willing to give up first spot so that the ladies can win this round. "We're, like, pretty and stuff" seems to be the basis for their argument. They also question whether Tyler & James really want to compete versus Rob & Kimberly in the final three. It's certainly...a bold move, but unfortunately for the girls, the Moroccan guy who was buying their bull is not the subject of their wheedling.

Finally, Rob & Kimberly and Lyn & Karlyn arrive at the airport, where the join the models in a discussion of how much they want to eliminate the blondes. To their credit, the girls do seem to be aware of their precarious position as the primary target this round. In the end, everyone is bunched on the same flight, so all of the negotiating and strategizing is needless. They're all grouped together again once they get to their destination in Barcelona, but Dustin & Kandice do their very best to try to make the playing field uneven. They go to a group of what appears to be construction workers and ask them to call a taxi only for them. The blondes suggest that the workers should say no to anyone else who asks for assistance. We'll see if this tactic pays off, since the other teams seemed wise enough to be able to arrange their own transportation.

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